Anyone who takes wood working seriously needs a wood planer. This crucial piece of shop equipment is fairly easy to learn how to handle, and it allows users to cut wood into a wide variety of sizes and also handle rough-hewn pieces. Having one provides more wood-cutting options than what local stores can offer, and it can also save a lot of money as a result. But like all the best woodworking tools, wood planers themselves can be costly. When shopping around for one, it's therefore important to look at both cost and quality. Right now, some of the top wood planers are the Dewalt DW735X, the Makita 2012NB, the Delta 22-555 and the Grizzly G0505. There are great deals to be found on each of these high-quality tools but finding them requires a little bit of savvy.

Dewalt's got a few different wood planers that have been at the top of the market in recent years, but the Dewalt DW735X shines above them all. This 13-inch model has two different speeds and can make up to between 96 and 179 cuts per inch. For added convenience, the DW735X also comes with a dust adapter, feed tables and even a set of spare knives for the cutter head (adding to its longevity). The standard going price for this wood planer is between $750 and $800, but there are some great deals to be found on Home Depot and Amazon. Home Depot currently has the tool for $538, though customers who apply for a store card may be able to save an additional $100. Amazon meanwhile has the DW735X for $560.18 but gives customers the option of dropping the replaceable knives for added savings (this drops the price down to $529).

The Makita 2012NB is another solid wood planer choice from an established brand. This straightforward, 12-inch model offers a portable, compact design that's among the easiest to use (blade changes take mere seconds). The 2012NB also comes with Makita's exclusive Interna-Lok automated head clamp to reduce movement and improve performance. It's listed at the standard price of $849 in most places, but the same model can be found on Home Depot (online only offer), ToolBarn, Walmart (also online only) and Newegg for $699 and free shipping. For what might be the best deal of all, however, CPO Outlets is offering this wood planer for $699 plus a set of replaceable double-edge planer blades for $36 (down from $69) and free shipping.

Delta is a longtime superior woodworking brand whose equipment is always a great go-to. The 13-inch Delta 22-555 in particular is surprisingly powerful for such a compact tool, coming with a 15A motor that can handle the needs of any small shop. Its two polyurethane feed rollers offer secure, no-slip grip, and the precision machined steel cutter provides both accuracy and longtime endurance. And conveniently, the Delta 22-555 also comes with a removable dust port, allowing users to collect their wood ships on either side. This tool normally retails for upwards of $400, but it can be found on both Home Depot Amazon for $349 plus free shipping (payment plans are also available from both retailers).

Another easy-to-use wood planer worth considering is the 12 1/2-inch Grizzly G0505. In addition to having easy-to-change and easy-to-set knives, this tool comes complete with a knife-setting jig and wrench for maximum precision cuts, along with thermal overload protection to prevent overheating during use. The G0505 also comes equipped with a high-tech HP motor that is bound to last project after project. The Grizzly G0505 typically retails for $500+, but buyers can find savings on Amazon, where it retails for $457. Customers may be eligible to save an additional $60 off upon approval of an Amazon store card. It's also worth noting that Grizzly itself is currently offering this particular wood planer for 5% off.