Being in debt is one of the biggest sources of stress there is. Not only can high amounts of debt affect day-to-day decisions, but it can cripple a person's financial future. But for many Americans, being in extreme debt is unavoidable. From student loan debt to auto loans and credit card balances, the average person simply has to get into debt in order to get through life. That said, it is possible to diminish debt faster and open up future opportunities by making smart debt-management decisions. For many Americans, this means refinancing. Not all refinancing companies have their clients' best interests in mind, much less offer realistic terms and APR rates, so it's crucial to go with an established company with a good reputation. With this in mind, three refinancing companies to consider are Earnest, SoFi and Lending Tree.

First up is Earnest. Known primarily for their student loan refinancing opportunities, Earnest can nevertheless be used for a variety of other loans. While they do have comparatively low APR rates (as low as 4% in some cases and usually no more than 6%), it's their approval process that really makes them stand out. Earnest looks not just at current monthly income, but also investments and amounts saved up in bank accounts. Because they take a more well-rounded approach to getting an applicant's financial history and ability to make monthly payments, their approval rates are high. Approved customers can then customize their loan terms to find a monthly payment and / or repayment time length they are most comfortable with.

SoFi is another lender that has come into prominence in recent years thanks to their student loan refinancing program, though they also provide refinancing options for mortgages and personal loans. While SoFi does not look at as many personal financial details as Earnest, many customers will appreciate their streamlined, no-hassle application and approval process. Common APRs with SoFi include student loan refinancing rates that start at 3.46% and credit card debt refinancing rates that start at 6.79%. Both SoFi and Earnest also offer a free look at potential interest rates and terms so customers can get an idea of what they may be eligible for without having to go through the approval process and affecting their credit scores only to find out they aren't getting the terms they want.

Another good choice for refinancing is Lending Tree. Rather than being a standard direct-loan company, Lending Tree gives users immediate access to a wide range of reliable lenders that suit their criteria. It's a fast, convenient option that simplifies the refinancing process and makes it easy to compare options. The ability to compare a wide range of options in just minutes allows users to save up to 35% on APR rates. Lending Tree also offers loans for mortgages, student loans, credit card debt, medical bill debt, personal loans, vacations, and more. APR rates are updated daily, but for all kinds of loans, they can include rates as low as 3.99%.

When choosing a refinancing company, it's important to keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for another. And due to the different application processes, it's also very common for applicants to not be approved by one company after not getting approval from another. That said, it's important to only apply for a refinancing program one at a time due to the effect an application can have on credit scores.