Whether you are a contractor, a professional woodworker, a hobbyist, a home renovator, or you are working your way through a honey-do list, you know that a table saw can help you complete your projects more quickly than other tools. They can also handle projects and thicker wood pieces than hand tools can. The best professional table saws are more than just capable of cutting. They also provide portable options so that you can take them out on jobs with you, and they provide safety features. The market is flooded with many great professional table saw options, but not all of those options provide power, safety, and portability. Below are just three of table saws that do offer some sort of each listed characteristic. 

SawStop table saws are some of the leading table saws, thanks mostly to their incredible safety features. The blade has a small electrical signal that changes when it comes in contact with something conductive, such as the human body. Within 5 milliseconds of contact, the brake springs stops the blade and drives it down through the table. The power is automatically shut off once the blade is safely away. The saw you choose can be paired with a SawStop mobile base for easy movement around your shop or a mobile cart to easily take your saw on and off the jobsite. You can build your own saw and bundle on SawStop’s website with the popular 4 HP Jobsite Saw starting with a base price of $1,399, and their 3 HP Professional Cabinet saw starts with a base price of $2,449. Woodcraft Supply also carries SawStop brand saws, including the Jobsite Saw with the mobile cart and fence for $1,299. 

Grizzly also has a good line of professional table saws. One of the most popular, and budget friendly, options in this line is the Grizzly G0870 2 HP portable table saw on a rolling stand for $439.95. Some other powerful table saws include the Grizzly G0771Z 10 inch 2 HP hybrid saw with no rolling cart for $895, and the Grizzly G1023RL 10 inch left tilting cabinet table saw for $1,475. Many Grizzly customers also order the Grizzly H8029 5 piece safety kit for $15.95 that includes four essential jigs, two push blocks, a push stick, and gauge for increased safety measures. The Grizzly line of professional table saws can be purchased at Max Tool, US Tool Depot, Northern Tool, and, of course, the Grizzly Industrial website.

Powermatic’s PM1000 is a stationary, left tilting table saw. It runs off of 20 amps and 1 ¾ HP. This model is over 417 pounds, so you will either need to leave it where you park it or purchase a separate mobile base. The stationary unit can be found for $2,199 at Home Depot. The Powermatic PM 2000B table saw with workstation runs off of 3HP, has a quick-release riving knife design to help reduce kickback. It is currently on sale on both Amazon and Home Depot for $3,554. These do not come with mobile bases attached. However, you can purchase a base separately from other dealers, such as Wood Werks. The price will vary according to the table saw you have, but many base models range between $200 and $300.