There are many reasons why someone might visit the doctor for knee pain. Some people have gradual, dull pain that is a side effect of aging or an older injury. In other cases, the pain might be acute in nature. As people walk, run, and bend their legs, gradual wear and tear can occur in the cartilage of the knee. This can lead to pain. In some cases, people might also suffer and injury during a fall or while playing sports which can lead to knee pain. It is important for everyone to understand some of the options for knee pain treatment.

For people who are in pain that gets worse with movement, a brace it might be helpful. Braces come in all different shapes and sizes. Some advanced braces are even designed for either the right or the left knee. The job of the brace is to keep the knee steady and immobile while people are walking or running. This can help prevent pain that gets worse with movement. Unfortunately, knee braces can be expensive. For this reason, those who are considering a knee brace should visit their doctor to see if there is a free sample or a discounted option that is available. From time to time, manufacturers will run specials on knee braces.

For individuals who still have knee pain with a knee brace, they might require a short course of steroids. Steroids work by reducing the levels of inflammation in the body. They do have some side effects if used long-term; however, they are very effective at reducing pain when used in short bursts. By reducing the inflammation in and around the knee, people can find relief from their knee pain. Prescription medications can be expensive which is why patients should talk with their doctor about possible discounted options. Some of the examples of prescription medications that individuals might take include Prednisone, Hydrocortisone, Motrin, and Diclofenac. In serious cases, individuals might even need an immune modulator such as Infliximab. Some doctors might have access to GoodRx which can help people find the cheapest pharmacy in their area.

Finally, those who continue to have knee pain despite the conventional treatment options above may need to think about alternative options. In some cases, individuals may need to rely on stronger pain medicine such as narcotics and opioids. These can be both sedating and addictive so should be used only when necessary. There are also surgical options available. Knee injections with anesthetics have proven very beneficial for lots of people. This, along with surgical options such as knee replacements and knee cleanouts, can be helpful for those with intractable knee pain. Prior to initiating these more invasive treatments, individuals should speak with their physician about the overall costs associated with these treatments. There could be similar alternatives that are more affordable for families who are on a tight budget.

In the end, every person's knee pain is different. For this reason, there are many different treatment options available. It is important for everyone to consult with their doctor to discuss which treatment option it might be most appropriate for their pain. What works for one person might not work for someone else's pain. People just need to find the knee pain treatment option that works best for them.