Investing is a great way to make a passive income even if you have a day time job that takes up a great deal of your time. With the right income funds, you can find the passive income you need without having to do a ton of extra leg work. So what is an income fund? Income funds are stocks and other investments that you can make to help grow your money without your having to do anything really labor intensive to see the profits you want. Read on to learn more about how you can diversity your income and make money.

PowerShares S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility ETF is a great place to start. This equity fund offers a dividend yield of 3.6% on your investment and also offers a total market value of $2.6 billion. This fund is low volatility which means that it has relatively stable prices which means that there is not a huge chance that the fund is going to bottom out and investors are going to lose all their money. This company is a great way to invest without worrying that you are risking it all in hopes of a huge payoff that may or may not ultimately come.

Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund is another great investment. This fund offers a higher than average yield but is still relatively stable. It offers a 3.4% dividend yield in a $7 billion market. The market for this fund has improved by roughly 40% over the past decade. This company holds utility stocks which are popular among investors for the simple fact that utilities are always needed. Investors may not see huge growth from this company but they can expect to see steady growth and can also expect to see a good market for the investments that they have made. This company holds stocks like NextEra Energy and Duke Energy, both of which are still much needed and very popular.

Still another great investment is the AllianceBernstein National Mini Fund. This is a fund that provides broad exposure to a wide range of municipal bonds that is actively and closely managed. They do charge fees of 1.78%, but this pays for the managing of the fund and allows for a higher distribution as well. This is a fantastic firm to work with and they offer a 65% total return rate for the past ten years showing that they know what they are doing and they are intent on making money for clients. They use leverage to get more exposure to stocks to make sure that investors have a better chance at making money and at getting a better overall return.

It is always best to do your research when it comes to investing money in any sort of market no matter how big or how small. Taking the time to find the best investment for you, your money, and your expectations is the best way to be sure you are going to be making money, that it is going to grow adequately, and that your money is safe in the market that you have chosen. Investing is a great way to make money and a great way to get experience in the market. With the right income fund, you can make money with the money you have and can truly grow your investment portfolio. Take the time today to see just what is out there.