Trying to obtain a house title? A house title or property title is a form of documentation that includes numerous information about the ownership of a house including the name of the owner, the purchase price paid and a description of the property. Upon purchasing a house, you should be sure to have a copy your house title, so if you don't have it and you bought a house, then you need to get one as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is no proof that you own anything. Luckily, property information is part of public record, so it shouldn't be too difficult to obtain your house title. Read on to learn more about obtaining a house title.

When the title of a home is transferred to a friend or family member, most often a quitclaim deed is used to transfer the property. With this type of deed there is no warranty claim on the property. The property owner transfers his title to the grantee without legal recourse. This is going to be the preferred method for when a house title is being gifted to someone. However, it can also be used by small businesses.

For a traditional sale, the house title is usually going to be transferred with a general warranty or warranty deed. This deed ensures that the title is in good state and that there is legal recourse against any future claim on the property. Moreover, this also allows the title holder to purchase and possess the property. Most real estate agents, mortgage lenders and title insurance companies are going to handle this process of transferring the title.

Title insurance companies will search and verify the good state of a house title and issue any documents necessary to secure a smooth transaction. First American is one title insurance company that helps buyers and sellers, and everyone in-between close a deal. Comprehensive title insurance protects both parties, providing settlement services as needed. You'll usually be required to purchase title insurance with a mortgage.

But suppose you've gone through all this and you just need a copy of your house title. The first thing you are going to want to do is visit a local tax assessor office. You can find an office near you by visiting your county's assessor website. For instance, if you lived in Los Angeles County, you'd visit the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor website. From there should be a page with a list of office locations. Visit the location nearest to you and you can start your search.

At the office there should be a property map that will help you find the parcel number that corresponds to your property. You'll need that number in order to obtain your title. A person at the service desk should be able to help you obtain a copy. Give them the parcel number and pay a small fee and the house title will be yours.

If you are just looking for records, you can use websites like Neighbor Who to find property ownership history, deed information and sales history. Lookup any address and get the information you need. Names, age, phone numbers and email addresses should all be available.