Did you know video games are sports? It's true. While you might think of sports as football, soccer, golf, tennis or even skateboarding, gamers have turned competitive gaming into a sport of its own. With so many multiplayer video games out there and fierce players trying to prove their valor, it was bound to happen sooner or later. While once these competitions took place in the comfort and safety of the players' living rooms, today professional players are participating in organized competitions is stadiums with spectators. And just like sports competitions with athletes, Esports competitions require extensive management to execute. By earning a degree in Esports, you will develop a better understanding of Esports and learn how to plan and execute a tournament. Read on to learn more about Esports management and the top universities that offer degree programs.

UC Irvine, also known as UCI, is one excellent public university that offers a continuing education Esports Management program. Their program teaches students how to plan and execute tournaments of any size and scope, turning passionate gamers into professional Esports organizers by helping them develop communication, problem-solving and project management skills. The program will also give you a better understanding of Esports history, the community and the gaming industry. By the time you've completed the program, you'll not only know how to organize and manage an event, but you'll even have the skills to draw people to your event through social media. Courses can be completed online and include an Overview of Esports, Effective Communication in Esports and Esports Project Management: Live Event.

Caldwell University offers a bachelor's degree program in Esports Management that requires 120 credits to complete. Each student must earn 49 credits in Liberal Arts, 11 electives and 60 credits pertaining to their major. Courses offered include Sociological Impact of E-Sports, E-Sports Ethics, and E-Sports Marketing and Branding. Courses concentrate on management, digital marketing, event planning, ethics and operation. This new program, which started in the fall of 2019, is part of the Caldwell's School of Business and Computer Science, an accredited school by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Becker College too offers a Bachelor of Science in Esports Management degree. Recognizing Esports as one of the fastest-growing industries, the university aims to create opportunities for students for this high-demand field. Students will develop the skills to plan and execute events - big or small. Learn to create events using streaming technology, team development, business planning and promotion. You'll also learn more about creating online communities to entice spectators and players for your events. Students will need to understand the culture and its fanbase as well. Currently, Esports courses at Becker are taught through face-to-face or hybrid classes. To earn your degree, you will need 121 credits. Some courses offered include Esports Industry Trends, Esports Event Management and Esports Business Models. Check out the Becker College website to learn more.