Enterprise application integration (EAI) is the process of using technology and services across an organization to integrate software applications with hardware systems and is often related to middleware. The market is full of EAI vendors who offer exceptional software tools for various deployment methods, use cases and verticals, all for a diversity of budgets. EAI operates in the cloud which seamlessly connects data sources to applications. This market is new, only beginning to emerge in 2015, and still finding its feet in a variety of areas. Therefore, current solutions focus on quickly connecting systems without providing many granular options. This industry is also new enough to determine which vendor scales best as data requirements continue to rise. Therefore, if you are looking at EAI vendors, continue reading to see a few of the best available.

One such solution is Dell Boomi AtomSphere Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) which supports various integration processes that function between cloud platforms, on-premise systems, and Saas applications. The system is powerful enough to support multiple tenants and allow customers to create cloud-based integration processes. To ensure robust functionality, the system uses a visual interface that configures integrations through data mapping and easy-to-use drag-and-drop gestures. The runtime engine, known as Boomi Atom, permits integrations to be arranged when required using the Boomi Atom Cloud, on-premise system, or a public or private cloud. Regardless of the integration options, all processes are administered using the Boomi platform. Dell is currently using the system for crowd-sourcing testing known as Boomi Assure and a feature allowing organizations to upload large volumes of data into a cloud-based database for improved centralized management.

Tibco Scribe is a unique EAI system in that it does not provide any coding data tools but can integrate almost any application, SaaS or data source. Scribe Online is a cloud-based iPaaS resource that delivers application integration using a graphical interface that is easy for developers and business analysts to operate. The software connects most business systems with a collection of on-demand adapters for ERP and CRM applications which aid in streamlining integration projects for those users who prefer to work directly on-premise and not remotely. The Scribe platform offers easy-to-use and navigates functionality that works well with Tibco Cloud Integration to create a single, comprehensive solution allowing for quick access to SaaS applications, API-led microservice development, and the integration of enterprise systems. Customers can leverage cloud capabilities like messaging, visual analytics, API management, and microservice development from within the same cloud-based platform.

Adeptia is the most useful option for organizations that provide data-driven services. Adeptia Connect helps enterprises accelerate customer data onboarding within a matter of minutes thus allowing for efficient B2B integration. The system also decreases operating costs through process automation such as error handling data, human workflows, and integration into the backend. The key strength of Adeptia's system is the easy-to-use interface without the user needing to know technical details. This equates to the capability of adding new customers quickly and overall flexibility which reduces the dependency on the IT team. When businesses use the software, they can focus on growth instead of being concerned with data connections. The primary focus of the software is self-service which allows IT teams to be more responsive to business needs and increase overall productivity.

Boomi, Tibco, and Adeptia are some of the leading EAI vendors that enterprises are looking to leverage to increase automation which increases company productivity. As this market continues to emerge and approach maturity, the technology will drastically improve to help companies proliferate growth.