Are you constantly searching for your charger throughout the day? If you have a phone where the battery drains quickly or are constantly using your mobile device, you may want to consider purchasing a charging case. In addition to protecting the phone, battery cases can extend the battery life to provide the juice needed to get through the day. In addition to protection, the best battery cases deliver fast charging to recharge your device quickly. You also don't want a battery case that is the size and weight of a brick so having compact dimensions are critical when carrying around a battery pack with cable. For more information on several excellent battery case options to extend the juice of your phone, keep reading.

Created specifically for the iPhone X, which drains its battery quickly due to the extensive functionality, the ZeroLemon can provide a full charge which equates to an extra 12-hours of talk time and seven hours of streaming movies and videos. Using the integrated LED lights on the case, you can monitor the battery life and turn the charging capabilities on or off when necessary. Given the amount of power this accessory packs, the case is surprisingly slim but there is some length added to accommodate the battery. In addition to the battery functionality, the case protects so your phone will remain scratch-free. While the case is not compatible with wireless charging, it doesn't matter since your battery is the case. Best of all, this top-rated battery case is available for an amazing price; only $30.

Another excellent choice for extending your iPhone or Samsung's battery life is the Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case which is available for all models. The battery case adds another 14-hours of talk time and 10-hours of web browsing. This is more than enough extra juice to get through the day, with still some to spare. Like the ZeroLemon case, there are four LED lights on the back of the case to indicate the battery level. Additionally, the Atomic Pro's protective measures are top of the line due to the two-piece casing and frame. The case was designed to absorb the shock during drops. Also, this accessory is thin enough to comfortably fit into your pocket without a major bulge. The Atomic Pro includes a micro-USB cable that simultaneously charges the phone and case. Since there are various models for different phones, the prices range from $30-$50.

Thin battery cases are always preferred to bulky cases since they are more comfortable to hold and can easily slip in and out of your pocket. Ekrist's Ultra-Slim Charging Case delivers those exact advantages while extending your phone's battery life. The Ultra-Slim Charging Case can increase your battery life by up to 180% to include web-browsing time, steaming videos and movies, talk time, and various other mobile activities. From a protective standpoint, this case is designed with a raised bezel to ensure your screen remains crack-free and a hard-back cover. The latest version for the iPhone XR features a 6800mAh battery which is industry-leading. Best of all, the price is around $24, and Amazon currently has a promotion to save 6% with a coupon.

Battery cases can provide an extra jolt of juice when you need your phone most. Coupled with the protective qualities of a case and an affordable price, and you have the ultimate phone case. With this additional knowledge, start looking for a new battery charging case today!