From man caves to dorm rooms, the mini fridge plays a key role in the decoration, functionality and convenience of a space. For some, the mini fridge is just a place to store light snacks and a few brewskies, but for others, it can take the place of a full-sized refrigerator and freezer. With so many available on the market or at your local store, sometimes it can be hard to decide between the styles, sizes and special features - after all, a mini fridge for a dorm room won't need the same features as a fridge for a garage, and vice versa. Though they may be miniature, picking out the perfect mini fridge can be a pretty big task. Luckily, there are some great mini fridges that stand out among the rest

For an extra tiny, extra convenient situation, look no further than a mini-mini fridge. Perfect for storing beauty products that work best when ice cold or just keeping that cold brew extra chilly during the workday, a countertop mini fridge like the Caynel Mini Fridge is a perfect find. It's 0.14 cubic feet, which allows it to take up barely any space while still being able to fit the perfect amount of creams, rollers or iced coffees inside. And the bright teal color is a perfect match for any bathroom, beauty counter or work desk decor. It is available for $44.99 on Amazon and Wayfair.

And for a portable pick, there's the Chefman Portable Mini Fridge. This bright blue beauty can keep up to six cans of cola cool at a time while on the go, and also has a heating functionality too! From camping to road trips, a portable mini fridge is the way to go to keep things cool and fresh. Who said that sacrificing outlets meant sacrificing a well-chilled beer? Get this model for $39.99 on Amazon and Walmart.

Then there's the classic man cave or movie room masterpiece: the Edgestar Extreme Cool Beverage Center. This mini fridge is sleek and stylish, and has a clear glass front that allows its owner to be able to check out all the beverages inside without even having to open up the door. It can even hold up to 105 cans, which means restocking is a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence, and makes it a perfect pick for any host with the most who is always throwing the best parties in town. Find it for $249on Amazon and Walmart.

Sometimes a mini-fridge needs to also function as a freezer. For those living in their college dorm or in an apartment where space is limited will love the Magic Chef 2-Door Mini Fridge. Not only does it come in a variety of sleek colors, but it also features retro finishes that never go out of style. But best of all, the two-door functionality allows for it to be used as both a fridge and a freezer. Get the best of both worlds but without the bulkiness of a traditional fridge and freezer combination! Get it for $229 at Home Depot.

Other times, all that's needed is a small, simple mini fridge for overfill cans and leftovers. In that case, the Whirlpool Mini Refrigerator is the best option. It's simple, small and has a modern design that both blends in easily to the rest of the room and is easy to clean. This option is great for any indoor space, but can also be a perfect fit in a garage or workroom. Get it for low as $109.99 at Target.