Maintaining facial hair is an ongoing task for most men. They need just the right tools to be successful at it. Caring for one's beard requires a regular routine and products that have a proven history of being effective. That being said, many men make the mistake of rushing the beard-growing process. In most cases, it takes several months to grow one that is long enough to shape. When it is long enough, it is time to stock up on everything one needs to maintain their beard. Having those products on hand is the first step to nurturing a beard that any man can be proud of. Read on to find out about some great deals on care products.

Just like women use oil in their hair, men can and should use it in their beards. The oil serves to keep the hair hydrated so that it stays healthy. The reason why using oil in a beard is so important is that while washing it gets the hair clean, it also decreases the amount of oil present. Beard oil works for men the same way conditioner works for women. The oil should be applied after one's daily shower. The warm water from the shower opens the pores, making after a shower the perfect time to use beard oil. Depending on the size of a beard anywhere from three to eight drops of oil should be applied. Men can purchase beard oil online from Their line includes Tree Ranger, Spiced Citrus, Tea Tree, Temple Smoke and more. Prices range from $25 a bottle up to $40 a bottle. Three packs of beard oil range in price from $69.95 to $110.

Oil isn't all men need to maintain a beard. Their routine should also include the use of beard balm, which is also referred to as wax, butter, and cream. There are two uses for beard balm; styling and conditioning. BeardBrand's Utility Balm acts as a conditioner. Like beard oil, Utility Balm is meant to be applied to the beard and left there. Since it does the same thing as beard oil, men only need to use one or the other. Balm has longer-term effects on a beard than oil does. It can be applied twice a day as long as the second application is very small. Using the balm helps set the style of a man's beard. The BeardBrand line of balm ranges in price from $28 to $37 for a single bottle.

Though a beard shouldn't be washed every day, it is important to keep it clean. Most men need to wash it two or three times each week. Since hair in a beard is so much coarser than other hair, beard wash must be used in order to keep it healthy. The wash is specially formulated so that it cleans the beard while avoiding harming one's skin and hair. Bearbrand's line of beard wash & softener is available in several varieties, including Four Vices and Tea Tree. Prices of the wash & softener range from $17 to $32 per bottle.

These are the main products that men need to keep their beard healthy and stylish. Regular use of beard care products is always recommended. Men who have a beard are urged to use these products effectively.