Nobody wants to feel like they've lost their independence, but sometimes assisted living is a necessary step in your life that you just can't avoid. Nevertheless, it's important to get help when you need it. With assisted living, disabled and elderly people that can no longer perform certain tasks like shopping or even bathing themselves can get the help they need. Fortunately, the best assisted living facilities can help you, while giving you relative independence in every other regard. The top 3 assisted living facilities in the country include Brookdale Senior Living, 5 Star Quality Care and Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society. These top assisted living facilities provide quality care in locations across the country, providing you with the assisted living required to go about your day. If you are interested in any of these top assisted living facilities for you or a loved one, read on to learn more.

Brookdale Senior Living Solutions offers the support that seniors need to go about their daily routine. With assisted living from Brookdale, seniors can live comfortably and with confidence, so that assisted living is minimally invasive. Brookdale prides itself in providing an assisted living experience that is welcoming and rich. Whether for meeting housekeeping, hygienic or nutritional needs, Brookdale looks to make sure residents are not just cared for, but happy too. In addition to care, Brookdale hosts a variety of social activities for seniors to engage in, so seniors can engage in activities that are fun, while making new friends in the process, ensuring their emotional needs are met as well. Best of all, Brookdale facilities are conveniently located near restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals and churches for all of your needs outside the facility.

5 Star Quality Care also offers quality assisted living. Aiming to provide warm and inviting experience, comfortable accommodations at 5 Star Quality Care can live a life of luxury. The Health and Wellness services provided can help individuals with dementia or Alzheimer's get the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual help they need to get through the day, keeping them healthy and happy for a lot longer. Dining and nutrition has been specially planned by renowned executive chef Brad Miller from the Food Network, providing not only the most nutritious, but the best quality food possible. Seniors will love every meal, with new recipes always available to try. As a senior, you'll rarely eat the same thing twice.

The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world. They too offer assisted living for seniors that need help in a variety of ways. As a non-profit organization, you can trust them to provide the best care possible out of the goodness of their heart. At their assisted living facilities, you'll have the independence you want along with the assistance you need. Services and amenities provided by Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society include utilities, maintenance, and housekeeping. Additionally, seniors will have access to transportation, meals, and emergency response. These services can be provided with a monthly fee or purchased individually. Check out their official website to learn more.