What You Should Know About Alcohol Rehab

Chronic, heavy alcohol consumption can take a severe toll a person's lifestyle, relationships, and health. Anemia, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis, dementia, and depression are a few of the debilitating issues that can accompany alcoholism. If you or a loved one are struggling with this chronic health condition, you may be considering an alcohol rehab program as a solution. Here's what you should know about alcohol rehab and how it can offer freedom from alcoholism.

What is alcohol rehab?

It's difficult to know what to expect from an alcohol rehab program, especially if you've never participated in one before. Alcohol rehab programs assist people who have a desire to overcome alcoholism, offering support and treatment. They offer a trained support system that is there for every step of the recovery process.

Many programs also provide education on the negative effects of alcoholism. It's a good idea to request information on how a prospective program handles education of addiction, although education will typically focus on getting over the denial that many people experience and how to begin a sober life.

What is detox?

The first step of alcohol rehab is generally a detox program. The goal of the detox phase is to get a person through the potentially dangerous step of alcohol withdrawals, a process that can involve medication and counseling. This phase differs from facility to facility, but centers are more than willing to give you a detailed breakdown of what to expect. Typically, the detox program is short-term inpatient care lasting anywhere from five to seven days.

What about therapy?

Individual counseling will also occur with trained specialists. These sessionss teach the person going through alcohol rehab skills to live without alcohol and find the root of why he or she turns to alcohol in the first place. The person will learn to recognize situations in which alcohol might be involved and know how to successfully avoid them.

Group therapy may also be a part of alcohol rehab. A popular form of this kind of therapy is "12 step-programs," such as Alcoholics Anonymous. They are designed to teach the person suffering from alcoholism how to use a support system to avoid falling back into alcoholism. Some facilities may utilize a group of trained staff members, while others may rely on people who have overcome alcoholism in the past. The group sessions give participants a support system to lean on, should they need assistance.

What is aftercare?

Usually, alcohol rehab programs last around 28 days. Once the program is completed, most people are given the option to exit the completed program and go on with their lives, but this doesn't mean they are all alone once again. Generally, facilities have strong aftercare programs that will provide support for a person who suffers from alcoholism in a world where alcohol is readily available. Aftercare may include outpatient treatment, group meetings, or weekly check-ins.

How much does alcohol rehab cost?

The price of an alcohol rehab program differs from facility to facility. The best way to figure out the costs are to contact the facilities directly.  Standard programs can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 per month, while programs that offer exclusive features and luxurious accommodations can cost $20,000 to $80,000 a month. If a person suffering from alcoholism has insurance, it may cover part or all of the cost associated with an inpatient alcoholism program. However, if you or a loved one doesn't have insurance and the cost of treatment is a concern, there are some facilities that might offer their services for free.

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