What To Ask When Choosing A Retirement Community

The retirement years bring a large number of life changes. Career decisions, family transitions, and downsizing households are all realities that retirees face. One situation many people face when retiring is moving into a retirement community or facility. There are many considerations to take into account regarding this huge life decision. Here are a few things you need to consider and questions you need to ask when you are choosing a retirement community.

Am I Ready for a Retirement Community?

The first question you need to ask yourself is if you are ready to move into a retirement community. Moving into a retirement community is more of a challenge than many people think. First, there will be an initial investment of both time and money to find the right community for you and then moving all of your belongings. When considering a retirement community, it's important to think about medical needs, privacy, space, and convenience. While retirement communities offer many amenities, those who are retired but can still afford to live in their homes often choose to stay there. Those who look forward to becoming a part of a retired community have the funds available to make this change and are willing to downsize from their current homes.


Researching which retirement community is right for you may take a significant amount of time. Start with those facilities in your immediate vicinity, taking note of which retirement communities are accepting new members, where they are located, and the amenities that are offered. Conducting research is the most time-consuming step in the process of choosing a retirement community. Once you have conducted research on the internet, visit the place in person and look around to see how well you would fit in.

What Services Are Available?

As a retired individual, you may require special services, such as meals being prepared and brought to your room, help getting dressed, hiring people to clean your living space, and transportation around town. Each of these instances are things a retirement home may be able to help you with. Before you decide to become a part of a retirement community, make sure they offer some, if not all, of the services you need or would like to have.

Financial Matters

If you are considering moving to a retirement home to decrease living expenses, be sure to conduct careful comparisons regarding the costs of your top three retirement communities with your current living situation. Compare your current living expenses to the expenses you would have living in a retirement community. If the retirement community is the option that saves you money, the answer is obvious. If the community costs more than your current living expenses, you may want to rethink your options. Sometimes, the costs of your current living situation and a retirement community are the same. In this situation, the choice will be yours and be based upon your comfort and the living situation you want.

Shop Around

It is important to shop around and find a retirement community that will suit your needs and meet or exceed your expectations. The retirement community is where you will spend the rest of your life, so it's in your best interest to find a community that you like and enjoy. All retirement communities are not the same. When you are conducting research, make a note of essential information, such as the price, location, amenities and restrictions. Pick at least three communities to conduct your comparison and choose the community that suits you best.

How Much Time Do I Have to Move?

Ask the director of the community how much time you will have to move all of your belongings and get settled. In the event you are placed on a waiting list, make sure you know an approximate move-in date so you can plan and prepare accordingly. Two things you need to consider when you are moving into a retirement community is the move itself. You need to know who will move your belongings and how much it will cost. There may be a few things you are required to do before you move into a retirement community, so make sure you have everything situated before you sell your home or begin packing your items.

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