What Is The 21-Day Fix?

The 21-Day-Fix is brought to you by the same people that gave you the Insanity workout program. Beachbody is the company name and their main goal is to get you as fit as possible from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a DVD player and the will to stick with the program. However, if you're familiar with Insanity or P90X, then you know Beachbody's programs are anything but easy.

The 21-Day-Fix is an eating plan that utilizes specifically sized containers to make sure you are monitoring your food portions correctly. It's meant to not be restrictive. All you have to do is use their food program guide, and then exercise for 30 minutes per day to get the results you want. It's basically a smart system that encourages you to consume smaller meals and snacks. Common sense? Yes, of course it is; but sometimes people need constant reminders to maintain healthy habits. That's what the 21-Day-Fix does.

The program comes with six workouts on two DVDs to get you started on the fitness part of the plan. The fitness portion of the program is flexible, allowing you to substitute planned workouts with biking, running or other forms of higher-intensity exercise. Exercise regimens on the DVD include high-impact cardio, lower and upper body conditioning, Pilates, yoga and other cardio workouts. All the workouts are very simple to follow, and even a beginner can master than fairly quickly. Just keep at it, until you get used to doing them. Anything you do is better than anything you don't do, so get that body moving!

The containers the program provides you with are color-coded. This helps people sort their foods more effectively, and this simple trick can help people remember to get the important nutrients they need. Carbs go in the yellow container, while proteins such as lean meats and chicken go in the red one. Vegetables go in green containers while fruits go into purple containers. Pretty clever, right? There is also a shaker type cup that you can shake up juices and smoothies if you want to include those in your diet plan. There are also some cool perks that come free with the program like a 24 hour hotline to encourage you when you need the support.

The best part of the program is that it doesn't encourage starvation, which never works well when a person is trying to shed excess weight. They'll just binge and put the weight back on if they are too deprived. It also offers a money back guarantee if you don't see some results within 30 days, so it even goes over the 21-day guarantee to make sure you are satisfied. Autumn Calabrese is the fitness guru that leads you through the workout, and she's in peak shape so everyone is going to want to look like her if they can through this unique program. With shipping, the program costs about $75; that includes the diet plan, a workout routine and online support. So does it work? Absolutely it can, if you follow it through and don't cheat.

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