Fastest Way Into Interior Design

Interior design is rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing career fields of its kind. Many people are discovering talents they never knew they had and putting them to use through the art of decoration. So, how do you get started once you first become interested in interior design?

Interior Design Certification Programs Available

The most common (as well as the easiest) way to begin your interior design training is to enroll in a program that is Certified Interior Decorator (CID) accredited. These programs will advertise as such and are made available at schools across the country. The most well-received schools include the Savannah College of Art and Design, the Pratt Institute, and the New York School of Interior Design. 

On the other hand, if you choose an interior design program that is not CID accredited, it must be reviewed and approved by the CID before you are able to receive certification. When searching for the right school for you, first consider those who have a proven history of meeting CID standards, such as those mentioned above. 

Interior Design Certificate

All accredited degree programs will end in a professional Interior Decorating Certificate, and the length of time to certificate is completely dependent on which school you choose to attend. Those enrolled in non-accredited programs or entering from other fields may need to take an exam through the CID before receiving full certification. Skills examined include interior design history, color schemes, and the effects of lighting.

The Exam

The Certified Interior Decorators International requires an exam for membership as an extension of the aforementioned program. Membership is crucial to networking throughout the field and advancement within the career. Members also gain access to resources found in the CID archives.

Salary and Growth Potential

Interior designers have an average salary range of $30,559 to $62,160 per year, with a median income of  $42,949. The field is expected to see a 13% growth rate over the next decade, which is slightly above average. There is a higher demand for interior designers within metropolitan areas. 

Signs You Should Become an Interior Designer

  • You love decorating.
  • Leadership comes naturally to you.
  • You notice color schemes. 
  • You are constantly rearranging your home.
  • You are always searching for a new piece of furniture.
  • Friends ask for your advice when decorating.
  • You are organized.
  • You can juggle many responsibilities.

The Upside

Interior design can be a very fulfilling career. This is a space where you are allowed (and encouraged) to let your creativity run wild. If you’re good at your job and become in-demand, then you can charge handsomely for your services. Plus, you get to meet people and solve their decorating disasters. It ‘ a great career if you have a good eye for beauty.

The Downside

On the other hand, interior design can have its pitfalls, just like any other career. The biggest complaint of designers is that the stress of the job can sometimes be overwhelming. You don’t always work with reasonable clients; they can be demanding and unsympathetic to the work you put into your projects. Also, when you’re starting out, it’s difficult to become recognized until you are more seasoned. 

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