5 Things NEVER To Post On Facebook

Social media has become the favorite way for people to stay in touch and meet new friends. Because you can connect with people over your smart phone or home computer, the explosion of the popularity of social media tools like Facebook has been challenged from time to time when people get into trouble for posting certain comments or pictures on the popular medium.

That said, here's five things that you should avoid posting on Facebook if you want to avoid any kind of trouble, embarrassment or even something worse from coming back to haunt you.

Political or Religious Views

It's funny how even though some things change, others stay the same. Years ago people were brought up to never talk about their political or religious views in polite society for fear of offending someone else and that really hasn't changed with the advent of Facebook. The only thing that really is different here is the fact that you can offend a much bigger audience and besides, Facebook is all about connecting with old friends and meeting new ones in a happy and lighthearted way.

Tagged pictures of you or your family

This is especially true of your children. It's great to be proud and satisfied with the kind of life that you have and that of course includes your offspring for many people, but giving up too much information about them over the Internet can become a security issue by inviting predators who can use the information to lure your children away.

Complaints About Your Job

Unless the goal of your post is to wind up unemployed, it's best not to complain about how much you hate your job on Facebook or any other social media. The chances are very good that your boss has a smart phone or laptop of his own or at the very least some other employees who might hold a grudge against you can read the post and tell the proper people in the office what it says.

Personal Information

Posting personal information on Facebook about what you had for dinner is one thing, but putting your birthday and home address out there for everyone to see presents a security issue in much the same way as tagging the pictures of your children. Unfortunately today's criminal mind needs very little information to steal your identity and cause you at the very least some financial problems.

Compromising Photos

It doesn't matter whether you think that great photo of your cousin wearing a lampshade on their head is funny, he or she might not. It's good to keep in mind here that when you post a photograph to Facebook someone can quickly take it on as their own and before you know it, copies are circulating and multiplying exponentially.

Of course you can make a list that goes longer than five items about the things that you should never post on your Facebook page, but stopping for a moment and thinking before you start about mutual respect for yourself and others is a good way to censor what you post before you post it.

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