8 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

You may have a gut feeling that something isn't right in your relationship. If you've asked your spouse about cheating, he or she probably denies it. How can you figure out if your spouse is really cheating on you? Here are eight signs that your spouse could be involved in an affair.

Sign #1 - Your Spouse Suddenly Wants More Privacy

Pay attention if your spouse suddenly wants to have more privacy. Maybe your spouse begins to password protect his or her computer. Your spouse may start leaving the room for private phone conversations all the time. Credit card bills and phone bills may suddenly disappear. Your spouse may begin deleting call and text history on his or her cell phone.

Sign #2 - Maintaining Multiple Social Media or Email Accounts

Within committed relationships, partners generally know about each other's social media and email accounts. However, you suddenly find that your spouse is maintaining multiple social media and/or email accounts, there could be a problem. It's particularly worrisome if your spouse has been trying to hide these accounts from you.

Sign #3 - Picking More Fights

Does your spouse pick fights with you and then storm out? Your spouse could be cheating. It's common for individuals to pick fights so they can storm out of the house to go be with someone else.

Sign #4 - Regular Work Habits Suddenly Change

Is your spouse suddenly heading to work at strange hours? Does your spouse suddenly work a lot of overtime? Have you noticed that your spouse's ""overtime"" isn't showing up on your spouse's paycheck. Sudden changes in regular work habits could be a sign your spouse is having an affair.

Sign #5 - Changes in the Emotional Part of Your Relationship

Consider the emotional part of your relationship. Is your spouse suddenly uninterested in the relationship or self-absorbed? Does your spouse reject your affection? This could mean your spouse is cheating. On the other hand, some spouses may suddenly become overly attentive, showering you with extra affection and gifts. If this is uncharacteristic of your spouse, it could be a sign of trouble.

Sign #6 - Paying More Attention to Appearance

If your spouse suddenly begins paying more attention to appearance, it could be a sign of an affair, particularly if your spouse hasn't show much attention to appearance in the past. You may also notice that your spouse's appearance changes. Take note if your partner suddenly changes their style or begins using new grooming products.

Sign #7 - Big Changes in Overall Behavior

Don't forget to consider the big picture. Big changes in overall behavior may mean your spouse is cheating. Perhaps your spouse suddenly becomes obsessed with a new sport or hobby. Your spouse may suddenly begin taking frequent trips when he or she was always home for dinner each night.

Sign #8 - Angry, Critical Behavior

Have you noticed that your spouse always seems to be angry, critical and unhappy? Maybe your partner is suddenly treating you with impatience or rudeness. Perhaps your spouse becomes more controlling and demanding. An increase in anger within an relationship is always a sign of trouble and could be a sign that your spouse is involved with someone else.

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