Should My Office Have A Pet?

Bringing pets into the office has become a growing trend in today's working world. More and more companies are allowing pet-friendly workplaces that are fit for man's best friends. Considering a pet-friendly policy in your office? Let's take a look at the pros and cons to find out if one is right for your workplace.

The Plus Side to Having Pets at the Office

1. It improves Workers' health and well-being.

Research has presented convincing evidence that workers who bring their pets to work generally have fewer health problems than those who don't. Pets at the office encourage lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and increased amounts of exercise, along with a multitude of other health benefits.

2. Pets boost morale and productivity.

Further research suggests that pets in the workplace have a remarkable effect on reducing stress levels. In a study conducted in 2012, International Workplace Health Management discovered that stress levels in workers significantly dropped when they brought their pets to work than when they didn't.

3. Communication in the workplace is more coherent.

Office pets not only boost company morale, they promote positive communication and teamwork with your coworkers regardless of who the pet belongs to. Working together to feed, clean and care for office pets solidifies and emphasizes the core values in your company.

4. And hey, a pet makes a great mascot!

Who doesn't love a great company mascot? From geckos to puppies to ducks, companies have used mascots with great success for brand awareness and recall aid to customers for their products. An office pet just might become your next marketing campaign.

Who Let the Dogs In? The Cons to Having an Office Pet

1. The pet allergy factor.

Adopting a pet policy may not be a good idea if some of your coworkers are allergic to pets. While considering pets in the workplace, forming a 'pet committee' with your team is a good rule of thumb to eliminate the risk of introducing allergies and other problems.

2. Not everyone likes pets.

Some workers may balk at the idea of bringing Fido along to work. If that is the case, conduct a workplace environment and culture assessment to find out if other workplace problems could be the culprit. If none are "sniffed out", it could be that they simply don't like animals. Consult with your pet committee to determine the best course of action.

3. Pets at the office may not get along.

Like humans, some pets may not get along with each other well at the office. If this happens, consult with your coworkers to find out the best solution.

4. Workers may lose focus.

Of course, pets at the office can be a distraction to some workers. If that is the case, a well-written pet office policy with your pet committee can prevent this problem from occurring.
In short, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence in favor of bringing pets into the workplace. Not only do they improve workers' health and performance, they boost morale and encourage teamwork. With the right pet policy, careful planning and consultation from your pet committee, pets in the office can be a productive and rewarding change for your company

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