7 Tips To Land Scholarships

For college bound seniors, scholarships are the prize at the end of four years of high school. Some are common, and others are elusive, with demanding qualifications that run the entire gamut. However, with a little patience and hard work, the student will be able to find a scholarship best suited to their needs. The person hoping to secure a scholarship should consider some of the tips below to make the process easier, and more productive, for all concerned.

1.Get good grades during high school

This first one is common knowledge, but the better your GPA is, the better shot you have of getting a scholarship. Of course, competition for scholarships is fierce and there are many incoming college freshmen with ""good grades"", so a word to the wise is make sure the grades are the absolute best effort a student can expend. Right here is where the cliche ""Be better than the next guy"" comes in. All those freshmen are trying for the same thing, so the better a student looks ""on paper"" the better shot at landing a scholarship.

2. Having an impressive application 

If the application shows a neat and fully completed form, it makes a good impression on the selection committee. Handing in one with typos, erasures, etc. looks like the student didn't really care about the results. When applying for a scholarship, every single aspect has to be top notch.

3. The ability to write well 

This one is related to tip #2, in that a well thought out essay shows the student is able to write in a way that is easy to read, stays on topic and naturally flows to make the overall essay stand out over the others. Showing that the student is able to put his thoughts on paper in a logical manner will only win him more points on the scholarship meter.

4. Finding and applying for scholarships that are race, gender, etc. specific 

The student will find there are many scholarships available to those who fit a certain ethnicity, etc. This type doesn't always get the most applications, so checking these out is a good idea. If the student fits the criteria required, these are worth the time and effort, often with good results.

5. A student whose parent(s) is/are employed by a company who gives out scholarships 

When a student has a parent who works for a company that provides scholarships to children of employees, those are the type to apply for. Typically these are not applied to in great numbers so the chances of nabbing one of these is increased when compared to some others.

6. Living in a state where the lottery gives proceeds to education 

Many students are eligible based on their grades alone when it comes to state lotteries. If the student meets a certain GPA, then the scholarship is automatic. Simple. Easy. Done.

7. Make sure there is more on the application than just grades 

Those making the scholarship decision want the recipient to be well rounded, not just an academic whiz. So when the application is accompanied by participation is school sponsored clubs, athletics, music, and community service, that application is going to go to the top of the heap.

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