Last-Minute Flower Delivery Ideas

We've all been there. You’re on your way to work and all of a sudden you remember that today is your anniversary. You haven’t planned anything so far and you have mandatory meetings all day, so you’re panicking that your significant other will know you completely forgot about it! What are you to do? 

Thankfully, it’s the thought that counts, so if you send her some last-minute flowers that day, you’ll be in the clear. The flower-delivery industry has adapted to fit the needs of forgetful individuals (and procrastinators), so here are five last-minute flower delivery ideas to help you get that beautiful bouquet to your loved one’s door.

  1. Find a same-day service online.
    Flower delivery services understand that many people forget to order flowers until the last minute, so a lot of companies offer reasonably priced same-day delivery services. Online companies like Flower Delivery Express, FromYouFlowers, and ProFlowers guarantee these services if you are in their time zone and order before 2 p.m. on weekdays and 1 p.m. on weekends. 

  2. Don’t customize too much. 
    If you forgot to order flowers in advance, you should not expect to have highly customized bouquets delivered on time to your recipient. To make this easier on the florist and to ensure you can indeed get your flowers delivered on time, it’s a good idea to stick to bouquets they have listed. Look at their “Best Sellers” because companies frequently offer discounts on these bouquets, and they’ll be guaranteed to be delivered as efficiently as possible. 

  3. Go to the florist yourself.
    Besides finding a delivery service online, you can also try going to your local florist to see if they offer same-day delivery. Some do, so it definitely doesn’t hurt to try. Also, because the delivery will be local, the cost may be a bit lower. Going to the florist shop yourself ensures that both you and your recipient receive exactly what you want, and if you have used the florist before, there’s a possibility that he or she may give you a small discount. 

  4. Try something a little different.
    A traditional bouquet of roses is popular for obvious reasons, but there are some other “bouquets” that your recipient may enjoy even more. Edible Arrangements, for example, creates stunning bouquets out of various fruits and sometimes chocolate, and if there is a store location in your city, you can have the arrangement delivered the same day with no additional “rush fees.” Alternatively, Edible Arrangements even offers a “Seven Minute Pickup,” so if you forget to order a bouquet until you are literally on your way to meet your loved one, you can still pick up a gift on the way. 

  5. Deliver yourself (or find a friend).
    If worst comes to worst and every flower shop is booked for the day, you have one option left. You can go buy the bouquet of flowers yourself and either deliver them yourself or ask a friend to deliver them for you. Delivering the flowers yourself can be even more romantic, or having a mutual friend deliver them is a great way for your recipient to still get the same “flower delivery” excitement without the cost.

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