Are You Ready For Marriage? 7 Ways To Know For Sure

Knowing when to take your relationship to the next level is a big deal. Thankfully, there are some clear-cut signs that will help you determine whether you are ready for marriage. At times it is not always easy to figure out whether a couple is ready, let alone an individual. For marriage to be successful, both people in the relationship have to be ready and certain of themselves as well as the relationship itself. Here are a seven signs that may help determine readiness for taking that next step to marriage.

#1 You are comfortable and content with yourself.

This is a very important aspect to consider. If you are uncomfortable or unhappy with yourself, the likelihood of you being happy with someone else is slim. In order for a good relationship to work, both people involved must be happy with who they are. This applies on a variety of levels. You must be happy with who you are a person, as well as how you look. Once you feel that security, a relationship with another person, will go much more smoothly.

#2 Know what the most important things you are looking for in a relationship are.

Equally as important as number one, you must be able to realize what you hold most important in your life. Whether it be family, career, money, or anything else that effects a relationship, it is crucial to note these details. This way, when you take a step back and evaluate your relationship, you ail be able to see if the companionship adds up to that list. This list may seem trivial, but most people are set in the majority of their ways and such a list can be very helpful. Once a list is made and once that list includes the very most important aspects that you hold in life, the decision of marriage will be a little easier.

#3 Be sure you can live with compromise.

Every relationship must have a little give and take in order to survive. In order to be sure that you and your partner are ready for marriage, take a look at the compromises that are in your relationship currently. Ask yourself: Am I giving enough to my partner? Are they giving back to me equally? Another important aspect to take into consideration is can you live with these particular compromises long term?

#4 Recognize that no one is perfect.

We all know that no person is absolutely perfect. However, this is still an important fact to remember, especially when you are considering marriage. Think about your own imperfections as well as your partners. If you both can manage a healthy relationship, despite those negative qualities, then you may be ready for the next step.

#5 Hold reasonable expectations.

It is important that you set goals for yourself as well as for your relationship....within reason. Having goals and expectations are good because they can make your relationship stronger. Just keep be sure to keep your goals at a reasonable level so your relationship can reach them with success. Along with expectations come trust. This is crucial for a marriage!

#6 Have a mutual future plan.

Most people think about the future. This is a good thing in a relationship, because you and your partner can make a blueprint of what you would like your future to be. Once you have a plan, and once you know that you both want the same things, it is just one more step to being ready.

#7 Have a backup plan.

Along with looking at the future, is also having a good, solid backup plan. This way, if the first plan doesn't pan out, you and your partner have another route to take. This could involve career plans, moving plans, etc. As long as you both have a common goal and care about reaching that goal together, you may want to consider marriage.

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