Things Your Mother Never Told You About Pregnancy

As any mother will tell you, pregnancy is full of wonder and amazement. Despite all the fascination though, pregnancy does come with its fair share of surprises and not all of them delightful. There are many less than miraculous marvels of pregnancy that no one seems to share, not even your own mother. Perhaps people are too embarrassed. Maybe they even feel like they're the only ones who went through these trials on the road to motherhood. Nonetheless, read on to discover some hidden truths of pregnancy that should finally be let out of the bag.

Two is the Loneliest Number

There is no lack of mothers willing to share tales of rushing to the nearest bathroom to pee every few seconds during their pregnancies. While both hilarious and true, what they fail to mention is that the abundance of restroom visits to take care of #1 is not matched in the #2 department. In fact, pooping may feel like a thing of the distant past. During pregnancy, mothers pump out a lot of extra hormones, some of which act as muscle relaxants in order to prepare the body for childbirth.

Unfortunately, this relaxation is not nearly as helpful for pushing out waste. Add to that the fact that a growing baby is getting into the space that your bowels and other parts usually occupy and you have a big problem. Getting lots of fiber and staying active can help keep things moving, albeit, probably not as much as usual.

You're Getting Sleepy... Very Sleepy

Even if you are the kind of person who is typically wide awake during every marathon car ride and every boring lecture, during pregnancy you may find yourself nodding off at the most inconvenient times. We often hear mothers express that pregnancy was exhausting, but few tell you about that time they dosed through an important work meeting or were awoken by the bus driver when he had gotten to the end of his route. The worst part is that this narcolepsy often affects women in the early stages of pregnancy when it isn't obvious that they are pregnant.

Oh the Glow

Much is made of the glow of pregnancy. In fact, perfect strangers will make a point of stopping to tell you how radiant you are. What is not mentioned is that the surge of hormones that causes that undeniable luminosity also bring some unwelcome guests. Yes, that glow is sometimes just excessive sweat. Even worse, hair will probably crop up in very unexpected spots (such as on your face, nipples and stomach).

A Whole New You

Everyone expects that pregnancy will change the look of their waistlines, but what no one mentions is that your face might change - a lot. Some women experience acne like they've never had before. Oh, and that swelling you've heard about isn't always confined to the ankles, breasts and fingers. Some women notice a change in their overall face shapes or in the shape of their features, such as the nose.

If you are currently expecting a baby or are thinking about having one in the future, don't let these little tidbits scare you off. Remember, each person's experience is a little different and what happens to one woman doesn't necessarily happen to another. Besides, it's always good to keep in mind that you get a pretty decent prize at the end of it.

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