How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Account

Anyone in business can tell you how important it is to have an updated LinkedIn account. Although there are other types of social media that businesspeople use, LinkedIn is by far the favored method for advancing careers, staying in touch with fellow colleagues or even just looking for a new job.

Businesspeople are experts at doing the best they can in all areas of their careers and that's why they have a vested interest in learning everything they can about the best methods to optimize their LinkedIn accounts.

First and foremost, you need to keep in mind the class of people you're trying to attract are in business just like you and that means you'll need to be as thorough as possible when filling in your profile. Here's a few areas where you can't afford to take the day off.

You need to have a professional picture. This means just what it says. Not a shot of you on a beach with a drink in your hand or one where you're wearing sunglasses in a bar with your friends or college buddies. Getting the most from your Linkedin account is about making sure you present a professional look. There are even some people who don't think adding a picture is necessary but studies have shown that having one on your account actually increases the numbers of views that you get fourteen times. Once again, you need to stay away from the kind of photo that could damage rather than help you and 4000 pixels is the upper end for one that will upload to the site.

Get written recommendations. Keep in mind that even though this is cutting edge technology and part of the New Age social media platform that might even replace your resume, there are still old school tools that you'll need to adopt to optimize your LinkedIn site. Getting written recommendations is still one of those things that you can't afford to ignore. Even though LinkedIn has dropped their prerequisite of needing three written recommendations to have a complete status, these are still more effective than the endorsements that you can get from other people who visit your LinkedIn site.

You can also optimize your LinkedIn site using search engine optimization. Finding the right keywords that you are trying to rank for is a good technique and a fantastic way to optimize your pages so that people looking for the goods and services that you have to offer can find you more quickly.

Understanding the best practices to optimize your LinkedIn account is as important as anything else you'll do on your career path to success. If you're interested in optimizing search engine optimization to its fullest, it's also a good idea to use the keywords you've used in the body of your profile in your headline. Taking a long serious look at what you can do to get the most from LinkedIn is a solid move for any business professional who wants to get ahead.

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