Keeping Busy In Retirement Without A Huge Nestegg

Today's retirees are living longer, better, and more productive lives than previous generations. However, an increasing number of elderly people are finding it difficult to completely retire. Many are deferring retirement altogether for financial or personal reasons, and others are embarking on entirely new careers once they officially retire from their former professions. Others travel, take on new hobbies, volunteer, and otherwise remain engaged and active. Some, however, feel that they don't have the proper funding to allow them to fully enjoy their retirement years. Fortunately, there are ways to keep busy during retirement without the existence of an abundant nest egg.


As mentioned above, many seniors fill at least part of their days with volunteer activities in order to remain engaged and active. All communities are in need of volunteers, so it's fairly easy for seniors to match their skills, interests, and abilities with organizations that need their services. There are even volunteer opportunities available in other countries for those who wish to travel abroad. Interested seniors can contact their local senior centers for more information on how to find appropriate volunteer opportunities.

Part-Time Work

Holding down a part-time job provides seniors with a degree of routine in their lives as well as gives them a financial boost. Seniors living alone are at particular risk of developing feelings of isolation that can lead to depression and anxiety, and having a part-time job gives them a way to get some social contact. Some remain active in their former professions while others branch out to try completely new things. Seniors who are interested in exploring employment options should visit their local state job services agency for more information.

Neighborhood Clubs and Organizations

Most communities offer many opportunities for interested seniors to join clubs and organizations. For instance, garden clubs are popular in all areas of the country. Other examples include bridge clubs, golf clubs, card clubs, lunch clubs, and wine-tasting clubs. information on these activities is usually posted in community social media pages or newspapers. Senior citizens' centers are also good resources for those looking for clubs to join.

Campground Hosting

Many state and national campgrounds offer those with RVs free sites in exchange for providing part-time campground hosting services, and some of these opportunities also involve a monthly or seasonal stipend. This provides an excellent way for seniors on a budget to be able to enjoy spending time in areas that feature abundant natural beauty as well as to engage in outdoor activities.

Many resorts located in or around state and national parks also provide seasonal employment for seniors and others. For instance, many people work at Yellowstone Park during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. These positions usually come with room and board, and some resorts offer RV hookups for employees.

Many other ways exist for seniors who do not have a substantial nest egg at their disposal to remain active during their retirement years, and these opportunities will depend on the abilities and interests of those involved. If you or a loved one is seeking ways to remain active during retirement, you'll be sure to find plenty of worthwhile opportunities.

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