How To Keep Your Kids Fit This Summer

The key to keeping kids fit during the summer is to stress the fact that they are having fun, and leave the fitness part out of it. Once the word ""fitness"" is mentioned, the meaning is synonymous with a chore. Kids will probably be more receptive if the activity is presented in a new and fresh way.

Some summer activities that will keep the kids fit without them realizing it are below:

1. Swimming - Kids normally like to go swimming and it's one of the best overall activities for them to engage in during the hot summer months. The health benefits are many and in today's world where so many kids don't get the opportunity - or have the desire - to take part in outside activities, this is one of the great ones! It would seem like a day at the beach or the pool would be a day of fun, not a day of fitness. Pack a picnic lunch full of healthy sandwiches and snacks and get the entire family involved.

2. Bowling - The familiar kids' lament of, ""It's raining and there's nothing to do"" doesn't have to end there. Load them up in the car and head for the nearest bowling alley. They will be surprised at how much fun bowling can be and it's great exercise disguised as an activity with all sorts of fitness perks. Parents can oversee the scoring and may even slip in a math lesson on the side!

3. A game of catch - Have a youngster on a ball team? Then what about going outside for an old fashioned game of catch? You can hone the child's baseball skills while sneaking in some exercise at the same time. It's a way to be together and it may do some good for the parent, too! At the next game, the parent may be the one cheering in the stands when the child catches that game winning ball in the outfield. Those few simple games of catch really did have a good outcome.

4. Take the dog for a walk - Sounds simple, but walking is one of the best overall ways to stay in shape. Walking has loads of health benefits and even grandma and grandpa should be encouraged to tag along. It's a great activity for the child who will learn responsibility of pet care at the same time, and Fido is pretty excited about it, too.

5. Frisbee - A simple piece of round plastic, a few kids and before you know it, a game has started! The required running and catching of the frisbee is a great way to entice kids to get physical. No preparation, no equipment set up, just a frisbee looking for a place to happen and at least two kids to get it going.

6. A visit to grandma's house - This is always a good idea but even better is to have the kids band together and help with yard work, housework or even just cutting the lawn. This will help the kids get fresh air and exercise, but will also be a big help to their grandma. Plus, if the kids do a good job, Grandma might just have a batch a fresh baked cookies waiting for them.

7. Miniature golf - What a fun thing to do and get exercise at the same time! You can bet even mom would be happy for the kids to invite a friend along and have a great day of fun! Know knows - if the kids are on their best behavior, there may even be a stop at the ice cream place on the way home.

These are just a start. Whatever activity is chosen, it is contributing to overall good health and that's the goal.

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