Jobs With The Highest Turnover Rate

Turnover is what every employer dreads hearing about. In many industries the "turnover rate" is extremely high. What exactly is turnover? It's where employee satisfaction is low in a job, causing workers to quit in high numbers. It's a problem for employers because then they have continually hire and train new staff, which is ultimately expensive while reducing morale and productivity. Having workers with experience who can do their jobs efficiently is the goal of all employers.

Management can sometimes be blamed for high turnover, especially if they are unsupportive of their staffs. Low pay, long hours and difficult customers are also reasons for high turnover rates. Here are some of the job industries that carry high turnover rates for a variety of different reasons.


This is a hard industry to succeed in long term. If you are a server or bartender in a restaurant, dealing with difficult customers can be a burden over time. Plus the ebb and flow of the restaurant business is such that sometimes it's not financially beneficial to stay at a failing establishment. Most servers and hosts earn the bulk of their wages from tips, and that means needing frequent and regular customers.


Hours are long in retail, and dealing with customers can be a pain especially during the holiday season where tensions are high. People are just insane during Christmas. trying to find discounts and fighting over each "blue light special." Turnover in department stores is exceptionally high due to the fact that there is always somewhere else to go if you don't like your current job.


Working in the hotel industry follows the same scripts as restaurants and retail businesses. Dealing with customers is part of the job so when you are faced with unhappy ones it might lead to high turnover. Plus, a hotel never closes, so the hours can be quite grueling.


Hours can be brutal in hospitals, leading to quicker burnout. Plus, there are many options for nurses in other hospitals, doctors' offices, and private healthcare clinics that can lead to higher turnover because the nurses seek out "greener pastures" or higher pay elsewhere. Turnover in nursing happens a lot as well because many times nurses can be quite hard on their co-workers, leading people to quit a lot of the time due to employee disputes between each other.

Childcare Workers

Working with small children can be hard on a day to day basis leading to burnout rather quickly. Plus there are always children that need to be cared for. Say you are working as a Nanny, but you don't necessarily like the parents that you are working for; you can easily quit and find better employers. Pay varies a lot per job, so that is another reason for the high turnover rate.

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