Is CrossFit For You?

If you're a fit-minded person who isn't afraid to bleed for your beauty, then you might want to consider a CrossFit program. CrossFit is a fitness regime that is both mentally and physically challenging. It combines interval training, weight lifting and stretching to maximize your total fitness level through high-intensity workouts.

Invented in the year 2000 by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai to help train Olympic athletes, CrossFit classes can now be taken in gyms across the country. Even the military incorporates CrossFit principles in its training. It's a great way to get into tip-top shape quickly if you are ready to put in the work and time necessary to master the program. It can even be fun! However, CrossFit can be anything but beneficial to those who aren't prepared for its rigors.

The total CrossFit workout uses a ton of different gym equipment such as barbells, yoga mats, ropes, and even a balance beam. The options to incorporate into your CrossFit training are endless. For example, say you enjoy jumping rope? Then a special trainer can devise a routine for you that include activities that you already enjoy doing. However, you'll also find standard CrossFit exercises that people do in all kinds of classes. One of the most infamously productive (and painful) exercises is the "burpee," which combines pushups with explosive vertical jumps to work out the entire body.

Just how big is CrossFit? Now, there are actual CrossFit Games where the most fit Americans battle it out in a test of strength and endurance. They don't get any advanced notice of what they might do, but in the past some of the events have included a "rough water swim" and "softball throw."

One thing you must watch out for if you start a CrossFit program is the possibility of injuring yourself by doing exercises you aren't used to doing. So take care to gradually add to your training to get the maximum benefit without causing undue strain on your body. To decide whether it's right for you, check out your local gym and talk to some people that are already into the CrossFit program to best see if you'll like it. Get some tips and tricks for starting the program from a personal trainer or fitness expert in your area. They might already offer CrossFit classes that you can take at your own gym for an additional fee.

The only negative against CrossFit is that sometimes some of the exercises you do with the program can be quite random, but if you like to change up your routine often then you will love it. It can bring quick fitness results when done correctly, and maximize your calorie burn in a short amount of time. Make sure before you start any intensive workout program that you consult with your doctor to make sure your body can handle the extra intensity. Most people who are in good shape or even moderately good shape can start the program anytime. If you have heart problems, or arthritis in any form then you may have to modify the program to suit your individual needs. Otherwise, get fit with CrossFit as soon as you can start!

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