How To Use Social Media In Your Job Hunt

Getting a job in today's competitive marketplace requires using every advantage you can get - and that includes social media. While most people use Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to repost memes or chat with friends, employers often look to social media when scoping out people who may be hired. Knowing this, you can craft your social media profiles to be as attractive as possible for employers and recruiters. This may mean changing your online habits, setting privacy restrictions or clearing out incriminating images - but when finished, your social media pages can help you land that job.

Follow these simple rules when using social media in your job search:

Rule #1: Facebook Matters

Your personal social media profile matters. Often, what we don't realize is how far reaching our presence can be on social media, and it affects potential employment. Many employers use Facebook to research potential applicants in order to get a glimpse of applicants' attitudes and personalities. A problem can arise if your personal profile conflicts with company standards. While you may think that your Facebook page is personal and has nothing to do with your work life, this is not the case. It's highly important to reflect a professional social media presence.

Rule #2: Create a Professional Profile

Professional social media websites for job-seekers and employers are prevalent on the Internet for a variety of industries. Many employers are turning to social media websites like Linkden in order to find candidates instead of the traditional job boards like Monster. It is speculated that employers have increased their use of social media by more than 25 percent to find qualified candidates since 2008. Thus we recommend creating professional profiles that can help you connect and build relationships with employers.

Rule #3: Build an Online Portfolio

Building an online portfolio can be very beneficial in creating a more professional presence on the Internet. An online portfolio can supplement your professional profile by providing examples of your work. Often many professional profiles allow you to include external links to your online portfolios. Whether you are an architect, interior designer, or copywriter, having a sample of your work available can set you apart from the competition. Links to your online portfolio can be added to your Google and Yahoo profiles as well in order to increase your social media presence. Lastly, providing a link to your online portfolio on your resume can set you apart for other candidates.

Rule #4: Reach Out

In these days, where unemployment is higher than normal, it is important to set yourself apart from the competition. A great way to set yourself apart is simply by reaching out to the potential employers or recruiters through social media. Not only do professional social media websites provide options for reaching out to recruiters, you can use Facebook or simple email to send a professional cover letter and resume to your employer of choice. If you have created a profile on Google and send an email from your Gmail, this will point the employer to your profile.

Rule #5: Be Active Online in Your Industry

Another way to create a great online presence is to demonstrate your industry knowledge online. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Linkden provide an avenue to demonstrate your professional knowledge because you can post online. If you have experience in business operations, you may want to post a a compelling article on successful corporate leadership and etc. These professional posts can be a great way to lead employers to understanding your work style.

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