How To Throw A Successful Office Party

Some office parties are tons of fun and leave everything feeling thankful to work in such cool places - meanwhile, other office parties are downright boring. Throwing a successful office party requires planning and organization. If you're the person planning the party, it's important to plan carefully and use all the advantages at your disposal. Here are a few things you should consider in order to throw a successful office party.

Costumes, Dress Code or Casual

One thing you need to consider is the dress code. Many companies allow casual attire on event days, while others prefer to remain professional in appearance (especially when employees are meeting with customers or clients). Depending on the event, the party may even allow for people to come in costume! If needed, talk to your supervisors about dress codes so you can convey accurate expectations to your coworkers.

Food and Drink

No party or gathering is complete unless there is food and beverages. When it comes to food, you do not need foods that are heavy. Light snacks and finger foods such as mini sandwiches, cookies and crackers will get the job done. Allow your guests at least an hour to eat, talk and enjoy themselves. The beverages should be placed on one end of the table and the food on the other end. Don't plan on serving alcohol if your party is at the workplace, unless your supervisor has specifically told you that alcohol is acceptable. Remember to find out if any of your coworkers have any dietary allergies or restrictions that need to be accounted for in your food selection.

Propose a Toast

It's not a wedding, but it is a celebration. Your toast gives you the chance to thank your co-workers and other staff members for success and anything else that was made possible because of them. During the toast, you need to keep everything positive. There is no need for a negative attitude from anyone attending the party.

Maintain Manners

Everyone attending the party is an adult, but this is no excuse to be a foul-mouthed sailor. Maintain your manners and say please and thank you. Hold the door for ladies and profanity should not be used. You don't need harsh words and language to have a good time and enjoy the guests.

The Life of the Party

Just because you are the person who is hosting the party, it does not mean you have to be the life of the party. You may not want to embarrass yourself or someone else in these days and times because everyone has a camera and video capabilities on their phone. You may not want your actions posted across every social media site your co-workers and other guests are active members of.

Ending the Party

A few minutes before you plan on ending the party, ask your co-workers and guests to help you clean. Although there should not be a trash heap to clean, the extra assistance will help you get the cleaning job done quicker and everyone can go home happy and look forward to the next office party.

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