How To Dress For Your Career

Appearance matters when it comes to your career. When dressing yourself for your career, your goal should be finding that balance between style, professionalism and making a good impression. Dressing sloppy or inappropriately can leave you looking less sharp or even dismissive of your role. In order to dress for success, you'll need to know the just right attire for your career. With that said, here are a few tips to help you choose the right ensemble before starting your work day.

If you're working in a professional setting like an office, then business formal is the way to go. Business formal for men usually involves wearing a suit and tie. For women, dress suits, with pants or a skirt, along with a blouse is the best option. In cold weather women can wear hosiery along with skirts. Women can also wear dresses but not too long or too short or else they'll look like they are going to a party. Further dresses should not be backless, strapless, sleeveless or any other "less" you can think of. In regard to shoes, men should stick to polished leather, while women should wear leather or fabric closed-toed heels or flats.

If working in customer service or retail, business casual will do just fine. Business casual is usually relatively the same for women. However, women can opt to wear a quality blouse or a knitted sweater instead of a dress or suit as required for business formal. When it comes to business casual for men, they can ditch the suit and tie in favor of a dress shirt and slacks, but they still might consider wearing the tie for a greater impression. Like women, men can wear a quality sweater in cold weather seasons. Usually shoe choices are pretty much the same for business casual as they are for business formal, so you'll still need a nice pair of dress shoes. Nevertheless, in some work environments, especially in retail jobs at supermarkets wearing walking and standing around is commonplace, you may be allowed to wear all-black business casual sneakers.

Business attire should always be well-fitted and of appropriate color. You don't want suits, shirts or pants that are too loose or you will you look sloppy, even in an Armani suit, and you don't want clothes too tight or you'll be incredibly uncomfortable. Women wearing skirts should not show too much thigh and blouses should not be too low-cut. When selecting ties, avoid ones that are too bright or flashy. Likewise, when selecting shirts or blouses, avoid bright or dark colors. When it comes to suit color, black, navy, brown and grey are the best choices. Black and brown are always safe when it comes to business attire, but women may be able to get away with other colors like grey or red.

Accessories should always be kept to a minimum. In the spirit of not dressing flashy and inappropriately at work, jewelry should be minimalistic and not too extravagant or sparkly. Except for the ears in some cases, any piercings should be removed. Women wearing make-up should apply a minimal amount, appearing as natural as possible. Case in point: try not to draw too much attention to yourself. Lastly, hats and scarfs worn in cold weather should be high quality, so no baseball caps. Following these simple business dress guidelines will help you establish yourself as a professional individual and help you along the road to success in your career.

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