What To Look For In Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems, or security systems, can give you peace of mind both when you are at your house and when you are away from it. There are many different types of security systems to choose from, so you can find one that fits your budget and your personal preferences. The three main aspects that you need to consider before purchasing a home alarm system are: whether it’s monitored or not, if you can set it up yourself or if a professional has to come out, and if it has the option for home automation.


A monitoring home alarm system is one that, in case of a break-in or other emergency, immediately alerts the alarm system company, who then contacts you within 10 seconds or less. This is useful if you accidentally trip up the alarm, so the police do not receive an automatically called and then fine you for a false alarm. You usually have to pay a fee each month for the monitoring system, but it allows you to have contact with someone mere seconds after an emergency. Once a representative of the company confirms the emergency (or if the alarm at your house does not get turned off), then the police are called. A non-monitoring alarm system skips the middle man and directly notifies the police if it detects an intruder signal, so you won’t have to pay a monthly fee. 


There are pros and cons to both a DIY installation and a professional installation. If your company offers a DIY installation option, you don’t have to pay an installation fee, and it generally means that you own the equipment yourself and can move it if you desire. Nowadays, home alarm systems are wireless and fairly simple to set up, so it should not take more than thirty or forty minutes. If your company doesn’t give you a choice, or you don’t want to deal with the hassle, a professional can come install your equipment for you. This way, you will know it will be set up correctly, but the downside is that it can be a little trickier to relocate your system if you choose to change addresses because you are likely leasing the equipment. 

Home Automation

Beyond keeping your home safe from intruders, home alarm systems can help you observe and control nearly every aspect of your home from your smartphone. With some systems, you can adjust the thermostat and turn off the lights no matter where you are located. You can also install security cameras, which will allow you to personally monitor your home while you’re away and also let you see who is at the door without even having to move from the couch or bed. Even more than that, you can also configure your system to send you automated texts when certain events occur, such as when your children reach home or if the medicine cabinet has been opened. 

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