Healthy Meals For Busy People

Healthy meals are equally important for everyone, and working people are no exception. If you are busy like millions of people, you probably don't feel like you have a lot of time on your hands to start preparing your own meals, especially when you feel exhausted. For many busy people, the go-to dinner is Fast food, which is cheap, simple and easy to get after work. The problem with this is, of course, that it's terrible for your health. But in the end, eating unhealthy is only taking away more time from you, not only shortening your lifespan, but making you feel awful, sluggish and less productive throughout the day. However, there is a solution. The truth is there are a number of healthy meal options that take little time to prepare. Here are just some of the healthy meal options for busy people during the work week.

Salads are always a quick and easy meal to prepare for dinner or even lunch. Throw in some leafy greens into a bowl, either shredding a head of romaine or buying a container of prepared greens, and anything else you like. With minimal chopping, you can prepare a colorful and filling salad that will provide you with all the nutrients you need. You can throw in some other veggies like carrots, or some fruits like peppers, avocados and tomatoes. You can also add some egg, nuts, beans, chicken or cheese for protein. Choosing an olive oil and vinegar-based dressing is preferable to creamy dressings that will add fat to your salad.

Sandwiches are simple meals also appropriate for lunch and dinner. With healthy meat like turkey and chicken that's low in fat and high in protein, a sandwich can be an incredibly healthy and filling meal. For sandwiches use whole wheat bread which is high in fiber, which can help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, aid digestion and regulate blood sugar, as well as provide essential vitamins. Add some vegetables like spinach and fruits like tomatoes for even more nutrition. Just remember to go light on the mayonnaise.

Stew recipes in the crockpot are a great way to prepare a hearty meal during the week. With low fat stew meat like beef or chicken, and potatoes, carrots, onions and celery thrown in a crockpot in the morning with some spices and low sodium stock, you can have your delicious dinner waiting for you when you get home. You can save even more time by using baby carrots so you don't have to chop them.

Pasta meals can also be prepared rather quickly and easily. Remember to use whole wheat pasta which has more nutritional value and fewer calories. Boiling pasta takes a matter of minutes, after which you can add some olive oil, spinach, mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes and other healthy ingredients. Preparing pasta will usually take less than 30 minutes and the nutritional benefits will speak for themselves.

Fish can be extremely healthy, providing omega-3 fatty acids which are terrific for heart health. Salmon is one of the best meats you can eat and can be prepared quickly, especially in the broiler. Add some of you favorite spices for flavor, and have some quick veggies like steamed spinach or green beans and you can be sitting down to dinner in no time.

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