Best European Cruise Packages

Going on a cruise can be a wonderful experience, but choosing locations can be hard. In Europe, there are hundreds of places you can visit, but which one is the best? Each package contains completely different excursions based on where you’ll be going, but these five European cruise packages sail beyond the rest.

Uniworld’s S.S. Antoinette

With a name like Antoinette, you’d expect this cruise to be as lavish as Marie Antoinette herself. The gorgeous interior design of this cruise liner is based on an interpretation of Marie Antoinette’s France. The cabins are luscious, the service is excellent, and the cuisine will make your mouth water.

This ship has its own 22-seat cinema where you can watch great movies with popcorn. You can also visit the South Beach-inspired Leopard Bar or the whimsical L’Orangerie restaurant for dining. The meals are prepared with only the best ingredients from local farmers’ markets. Shore excursions are also available and left completely up to you to plan.

This cruise liner travels from Amsterdam through Germany, to France, and finally concluds the adventure in Basel, Switzerland.  It’s an 8-day cruise that costs anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000 based on the season.

Viking Longship Ingvi

With award winning design innovations, the main thing that Ingvi focuses on is sun. Sunlight can be seen from everywhere as you cruise around Europe. There are several packages that are offered through Viking River Cruises, but the best is the Grand European Tour, a 15-day excursion from Amsterdam, through Germany and Austria, to end in Hungary.

This package will give you a culture explosion to really feel immersed in eastern European life. You’ll enjoy local music performances throughout the trip on the 13 guided tours with meals included. There are also interesting lectures on Dracula and the myths of these countries. At around $4,000 based on season, it's definitely a great deal for half a month of travel.

Viking Spirit

Ingvi isn’t the only ship that Viking River Cruises hosts that catch the eye of many travelers worldwide. Spirit is another one of their cruise ships that is more recently built, but is still just as amazing. This ship allows for open air at all times and is one of the most versatile river cruise ships on the water today.

Along with the breathtaking scenery, Viking’s Paris & the Heart of Normandy cruise package will allow you to experience history firsthand. You can take in the exotic, Gothic architecture of Rouen where Joan of Arc was tried. The extravagant gardens of Giverny are sure to provide you inspiration as it did Claude Monet for many years.

The trip lasts 8 days and remains in France the entire time. It will allow you to experience the most of French life while learning about history along the way. The price of the cruise is around $2,500 to $4,000 based on the season you book, but will definitely be worth it.

Hurtigruten’s MS Finnmarken

This ship is the second in the series with a company that has been in business since 1912. You’ll bet they have excellent skills in guest satisfaction. This cruise liner has pleased both senior cruisers and first-timers alike. The most popular cruise Hurtigruten provides is a trip along the Scandinavian coast line from Bergen to Kirkenes. There are several excursions you can take part in for an additional price, some being only $50 per person.

Not only can you take in the culture, you can experience the architecture of Scandinavian towns while learning about the history of each place. Some excursions require some physical effort while others are for beginners or children. The price for the seven-day journey starts at $815 per person depending on travel time and excursion add-ons.

Disney’s Mediterranean Cruise

Disney has been well known for providing magic for all ages, and they’re at it again. With a 7-night Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona through Italy, including stops in France, this is truly a trip to remember. This cruise package provides all dining, entertainment, and accommodations within the price.

On this cruise, you’ll be able to visit some of Europe’s most historical and beautiful cities. At the first stop, you can take in the history of lost civilizatons in the city of Naples and the ancient ruins of Pompeii. Then you’ll travel to Rome and Florence to take in all of the history, shopping, and dining Italian life has to offer. There are several excursions to choose from,and with prices starting at $2,800 for two, it’s easy to see why this cruise is magnificent.

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