Essential Computer Skills For Today's Workplace

There shouldn't be any one left in today's business environment who thinks you can get by without using a computer. Although there aren't any reasonable bosses who would expect you to be a software engineer or other kind of expert with a laptop or PC, staying ahead and getting a competitive edge in today's workforce means that you'll need to understand how a computer works and the basic skills to be productive and efficient.

  • The essentials of getting the thing up and running is first and foremost. The various software programs for different computers might vary slightly, but when you're using a PC as opposed to a Mac they are all basically the same. Any employer who runs his company using computers will want you to be able to get one of the units running and be able to work efficiently on it, bringing documents and other sets of information up, changing and sending other items where needed. You should understand and be at least capable on some of the well-known programs like Word and Excel. There's no need to be a real expert, but being passable won't stall any job interview you go on.
  • If you've decided to take a few courses to bring yourself up to speed, having a background in Microsoft Office should be at the top of your software list. The chances are if you've been on computers at all, using various aspects of this popular suite are at least familiar. Most people understand how to use the Word program in some fundamental way but quite often Excel is something they can use a few pointers on. It's good to know that you can get the information you need from one of many different online tutorials that can be found on the Internet and there is usually a thirty day grace period with Office so you can get the hang of it.
  • Social media for business is also important. It's become more and more common that you'll be working with a company that has some kind of social media presence. It could very well be Facebook or Twitter and more than likely LinkedIn, and it's a good idea if you understand the various prerequisites for those social media platforms. For example, Twitter only allows 140 characters to make your point although you can link to a longer article or document.
  • Although it may seem a little counterintuitive at first, having the right typing skills is another prerequisite for being considered for any kind of computerized job in today's market. There's not a lot you can do with any of the software programs or even office suites until you learn how to input the correct information by learning how to type in the proper manner quickly and efficiently.

Finally, it's a good idea if you understand something about all the latest innovations like the cloud. More and more you'll find businesses both big and small using this online storage technique and understanding how to maneuver it to get the documents you want in and out is a definite plus in today's digital job market.

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