Diet Tips For People With Diabetes & High Blood Sugar

Dieting is just as important as taking prescribed medications when treating diabetes and high blood sugar. A proper diet will have a tremendously positive effect in lowering blood sugar and making sure diabetes is well managed. If patients with diabetes can lose 7% of their body weight, they can significantly improve their control over their blood sugar. Healthy eating is incredibly essential for the health of everyone, but especially for those with high blood sugar and diabetes, in order to prevent further complications such as heart disease and kidney damage. However, before you begin dieting, you should always speak to a doctor beforehand to see if your diet plan is the right one for you. With that said, here are some great diet tips for people with diabetes and high blood pressure.

Eat foods with plenty of fiber. Eating whole gains, whether in bread or in cereal will put an excellent amount of fiber in your diet and will make you full without raising your blood sugar to tremendous heights. Cereals with whole grains contain wheat Instead of white bread or white rice which raises blood sugar and as low nutritional value, whole wheat bread and brown rice will make a huge difference. Avoid breads that are ""made with whole grains"" because they are not truly whole wheat or whole grain. Regular pasta can do a good job of raising your blood sugar but not lowering it, so choose whole wheat pasta which tastes just as good with the right sauce.

And instead of an unhealthy dessert like candy, try eating more fruit which also contains plenty of fiber, and gives you essential vitamins your body needs. Avocados are particularly delicious, low in sugar, provide good fats, and are a good source of vitamins. Of course, you should also eat vegetables, especially green vegetables, which are also high in fiber and provide essential vitamins.

Avoid red meats and other meats which are high in fat. Meats that are high in fat, while delicious, won't help your blood sugar levels. Instead you should try lean meats like poultry and fish. Skinless boneless chicken breasts will provide you with the least amount of saturated fat, and are the best option when you want poultry. Salmon is a great option for diabetics, not only because it is lean, but because it is high in omega-3 fatty acids which are extremely heart healthy. All these lean meats are high in protein and have little effect on blood sugar. Nuts are also high in protein, fiber and healthy fats. They will help fill you up every bit as much as meats. Beans are a great option as well.

Soda is incredibly refreshing, and for many people incredibly addicting, but obviously high in sugar and not helpful when trying to lower your blood sugar levels. So what can you do? Try sparkling water, especially flavored sparkling water which has minimal sugar content and will provide you with the same refreshing feeling as consuming any other carbonated beverage. They'll help satisfy that craving of Cola you are having, especially if you hate diet sodas.

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