Choosing A Summer Camp

Sending your child to summer camp is a rite of passage for many children in America because it teaches them essential life and social skills that will help them thrive as they grow older. These camps serve as fulfilling summer activities that help kids get away from technology and embrace either the outdoors or another chosen activity that they wish to excel in. There are many different kinds of camps to choose from, and you should take your child’s personality, favorite hobbies, and the camp’s history into account when you are trying to decide which one would be the most beneficial for your son or daughter.

Traditional Summer Camps

The most popular summer camps are traditional day or sleepaway camps that encompass outdoor activities, like kayaking, camping, riding horses, and playing games with fellow campers. These camps are great for connecting children with nature and with each other without the intrusion of technology and within a very safe environment. You should definitely send your child to one of these camps if he enjoys being in nature, and even if he doesn’t. These camps can help children gain an appreciation for the outdoors, especially if they do not have those opportunities during the rest of the year. At the beginning of camp, your child may be upset that he won’t be able to use his cell phone or watch TV for a week, but by the end of the week, he won’t even miss it.

Specialized Summer Camps

If your child prefers other activities besides outdoor ones or wants to refine some of his other talents, you can also choose to send him to a theater, art, music, math, or even roller coaster camp. Your child will work with professionals in those fields throughout the camp and will be able to learn more about his chosen craft. Some of these camps can cost up to several thousand dollars, but if your family qualifies, your child may be able to earn a scholarship that will cover part or all of the tuition. Most established camps have a scholarship program for families in need, so that is another indicator of a high quality camp. 

Choose a Quality Camp

Besides your child’s preferences, you should do some research on the available camps themselves to ensure that your child will be safe and in a positive environment. Quality camps will have someone on hand to answer your questions about everything from activities to staffer’s training and will offer to put you in contact with parents of previous campers. The best camps have an emphasis on creating a connected community through team-building activities, like group games and songs, along with providing plenty of individual activities for campers to choose from. Another aspect you want to look up is the camp’s method of keeping parents informed during the week and their plan for contacting parents if a child becomes sick or injured while at camp, so you can still be somewhat involved in this fun summer activity.

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