Can Your Facebook Page Hurt Your Job Search?

Can your Facebook page hurt your job search? The answer is yes. In previous, more simple times, finding and landing a job was as simple as finding the job, applying for it and getting hired. In today's society, things have changed drastically. When you apply for a job nowadays, the hiring company may check your social media accounts, such as your Twitter feed or Facebook page. Here are a few different to keep your Facebook page from negatively impacting your job search.

Instances That Can Hurt Your Job Search

Profile Picture

Your profile picture can get you in more trouble than you realize. Although it is your personal social media page, you have to be careful with the pictures you post. For example, using a photo that's provocative or vulgar is a great way to get your application thrown in the trash. Aside from your profile picture, you need to ensure there are not any nude pictures of yourself or anyone else on your profile. Your default picture is a major concern, but do not think hiring companies are not looking at your complete profile.

Friends List

Your friends list could also keep you from landing a job. Put yourself in the place of your employer and ask yourself, "assuming like-minded people tend to become friends, what do the applicants friends tell me about the applicant?" Do your friends post responsibly on their pages? Are their profile pictures decent? Or, worse, have they posted unflattering pictures or information about you? Although your friends do not determine who you are as a person, it does say a lot about you, which is why serious employers check.

Social Media Posts

When you post things on social media, you are posting it for the world to see. Whether you have special privacy settings or certain instances blocked, things posted on the Internet have a way of eventually becoming public. If you constantly post negative things to your social media timeline, it's not a good look for landing a job. Constantly complaining about things, being racist, being overly political or reposting offensive content can cost you during job searches.

The Difference Between Personal and Private

Many people confuse the meaning of personal and private. Personal refers to an item or something of another matter belonging to an individual. Private refers to an item or something of another matter that only belongs to an individual or group. Your Facebook page is your personal page but regardless of your privacy settings, all of your information is not private.

How to Keep Facebook from Hurting Your Job Search

The Friend of a Friend Act

You may think you are hiding information from employers, but to your surprise, you may not be doing that great of a job. The mutual friends feature allows employers to see everything they need to see without your permission. Sometimes your mutual friends do not help in this situation. Delete people who have a negative impact on your profile. There are no hard feelings or emotions but your stability remains a priority.

The Privacy Setting Force

You may feel safe and sound with the privacy settings you use but you may not want to get too comfortable. You may put your sole trust in these settings but if you think about it, how about the safeguards and protection that is used to prevent identity theft and other crimes? Still, thousands of identity theft cases are reported annually and credit card fraud is a serious issue. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

Omit Negativity

Negativity is not just bad for your health; it's also bad for your job. Negative comments regarding your current or previous jobs are almost guaranteed to repel employers. Can you blame them? Would you want to hire a Debby Downer who is just going to complain about your management style? Don't be caught speaking negatively about a current or previous employer.

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