3 Wrinkle Creams That Work

Almost every cosmetic company has a wrinkle cream on the market, but if you’ve ever tried to find one that works well, you know that it is quite the challenge. The vast majority of anti-wrinkle creams do not deliver what they promise, and some actually contain ingredients that could be potentially dangerous to your health. There are only a few wrinkle creams that are backed by dermatologists, and here are three that rank the highest among skincare professionals. Before you purchase any of these creams, remember to speak with your dermatologist to find the best product to suit your skin. 

Advanced Dermatology

The Dermatology Review ranked this wrinkle cream as #1 on its list because Advanced Dermatology results in significant improvement of forehead, under-eye, and neck wrinkles, plus crow’s feet and laugh lines. The active ingredients, which include biomimetic peptides, plant-derived stem cells, hyaluronic acid, encapsulated retinaldehyde, and 20 more age-defying compounds, help rebuild collagen and prevent future damage to the skin.

As of the writing of this article, Advanced Dermatology is offering a 30 day trial for $59.99 with a money back guarantee, but the regular price is $200 for a 30-day supply. You will probably not have to rely on the money-back guarantee, though, because most women who tried this product said they saw significant improvement after 30 days, according to the company.


The luxury skincare product line ReVive offers a wide range of anti-wrinkle and other skin-correcting products that range in price from $150 to $1,500. Even though this product is rather expensive, 86% of women saw improvement of under-eye wrinkles, neck wrinkles, and skin firmness. Some of the active ingredients at work are: multiple peptides, epidermal growth factor, and telomerase, which increase cell turnover and transform dormant adult stem cells into brand new skin cells.

You can purchase ReVive's basic eye-wrinkle cream for $150 or opt for some of their higher end products, like the Cellular Renewal Cream for $215 or the Peau Magnifique les Yeux Youth Recruit Eye Serum for $750. 

La Prairie

This Swiss company offers the third best wrinkle cream on the market with their Cellular Cream Platinum Rare, priced at $1,100. What sets this cream apart is that in addition to standard wrinkle-fighting ingredients, such as peptides, resveratrol and bio-saccharides, this product also contains platinum, which further lessens the appearance of wrinkles and rebuilds skin’s firmness. This cream also claims to adjust to the humidity levels around you to maintain the perfect level of hydration by releasing moisture into your skin as needed.

86% of women found success with this cream after one month, but if you’re still wary about the cost, you can always try out one of La Prairie's less expensive products first, such as the Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream for $325.

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