Best New Cars Of 2017

The coming year is set to bring about an incredibly impressive number of noteworthy vehicles, from SUVs to compact cars, fuel efficient to luxury, the best in class, and everything in between. Whether window-shopping or seriously considering a new car for 2017, we’ve pulled all the top picks that any car enthusiast and spectator alike could want or need. We’ll show you the best new cars for 2017, the most fuel-efficient models, the best in luxury, and the highest-rated compact vehicles of the year. Looking for a sedan? We’ve got some of the very top picks for you! Many people select a sedan because of how it’s typically the most people-pleasing vehicle. They tend to provide the most range in utility, and come in the most variety from stylish and design-savvy to economic and efficient. However, here, we’re representing all the big players. Fueled by innovation and creativity, each car represented has earned its place on our top three, and after reading more about them below, you’ll see why! Each of these cars was selected for its supreme utility, impressive fuel economy, advanced technology, and overall style in their respective categories. That said, among all of these truly impressive automobiles who have made their names known, we can confidently introduce our top three for 2017: Hyundai Genesis, Mazda 6, and VW Passat. Find out more below on each of the best new cars and why in 2017, the compact cars are expected to rule the road.

Luxury Cars
If you are looking for luxury look no further. These 2017 top-rated, awe-inspiring luxury cars will make your head turn! These stunning luxury cars come from some of the top car manufacturers in the world: Jaguar, Audi, and Mazda. Fair warning though: this new kind of luxury will surprise you. Let’s start with the Mazda 6: this beauty comes in three different styles and its engine can get up to 38 highway mpg, plus it has a low-speed collision avoidance system with auto-braking. That was a pretty great standout feature for us. It’s starting MSRP is between $20-30K depending on which model is selected, but all models come with exceedingly smart tech systems integrated in the vehicle. The Audi S3 is a compact sports car with 23/31 mpg, 292 hp, 2.0-liter turbo four, and 18-inch wheels with a lowered suspension. It takes less than 5 seconds for it to reach 60 mph, and it’s sleek exterior paired with its spacious interior makes for a seriously drool-worthy ride. Then, of course, there’s the Jaguar. The Jaguar XF certainly doesn’t disappoint, given that the model itself is practically the definition of luxury. It doesn’t compromise on efficiency either: the XF has an EPA highway estimate of 30mpg! Jaguar truly knows how to build exquisitely luxurious interiors, with smooth wood paneled consoles and incredibly impressive upgrade packages that offer unrivaled smart tech features.

Fuel Efficient Cars

How about fuel efficiency? Hybrids and electric cars are all the rage, and for good reason. While selecting the top three, we made sure to consider both hybrids and electric cars to make sure we’d hit all the high points. While a 2017 version has not yet been announced, the 2016 Tesla Model S truly drives it home, with a whopping 89 MPGe and 362 hp, keeping it on the top of our list for 2017. This sleek luxury vehicle may carry a hefty price tag to the tune of around $70K, but it sure is a beauty. Next, the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid has truly won over critics with its unrivaled fuel economy (45-50 combined mpg) paired with its stunning interior. And with a base price starting around $30K, along with superior safety ratings, it's easy to see why the Accord Hybrid tops the list of best vehicles for 2017. Lastly, the 2017 Chevrolet Volt hatchback is set to be a top seller in 2017, offering many high-end features, like adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking, along with a whopping 42 MPG combined. 

Compact Cars
The top three compact cars of 2017 are certainly better than previous years. Subcompact cars tend to have slightly higher fuel economy ratings by 1-2 mpg, but standard compact cars offer a bit more safety (and space!) in exchange. Topping the list of 2017 compact cars is the 2017 Honda Civic, which offers a complete redesign over 2016 and brings plenty of high-end features, along with a spacious, roomy interior and a whopping 30 to 36 MPG combined, depending on which model you choose. Our favorite subcompact car is the 2016 Ford Fiesta, with a 31-36 combined mpg and around $16K MSRP. Reviewers love it because the interior feels high quality, and the drive feels especially sporty. It comes in both a sedan or hatchback model with great visibility due to its slim roof pillars. Our favorite sport compact is the Subaru WRX, which comes with 21/28 mpg, 268-hp turbo four and six-speed manual, but it also comes in a CVT. It’s about $27K MSRP with a stylish exterior no one would ever want to pass up! These compacts and more offer so much in terms of style and practicality that they now rule the road in terms of offering consumers everything they could want in an affordable vehicle while still offering them a good price, good gas mileage, and if you are in the city, it offers you a smaller foot print that not only helps with smog, but helps you fit into those small and tight city parking spaces. So weather you want a new sedan or coupe, compact cars are truly offering everyone options that make these cars definitely attractive.

Whether you’re vying for a brand new, top of the line car that’s been highly rated by drivers and reviewers alike, or if you’re just perusing for pure interest and intrigue, these sweet rides are all built to impress. The sheer variety of the quality vehicles in 2017 continues to amaze us as these models keep innovating and innovating! Hopefully we’ve helped you narrow down your search, or at least find your new dream car. Happy car hunting!

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