Bad Guys Gone Good: Celebrities Who Have Turned Everything Around

Everyone loves a story of redemption. When a person hits rock bottom and turns everything around, it harbors a good feeling in all of us like no other. We especially get that feeling when we see a person we all recognize get their life on track. Some of our favorite celebrities have taken their lives in questionable directions that ultimately led to their downfall, but have restarted their careers and become the person we all love. While many celebrities never recover, with hard work some have, becoming positive examples for not only other celebrities, but people everywhere. Here are some of your favorite celebrities that went bad somewhere along the line, and became good again.

Robert Downey Jr.

Today we all know him as Iron Man aka Tony Stark. And in real life Robert Downey Jr. is every bit as cool as Tony Stark, but that wasn't always the case. Robert Downey Jr. had been taking drugs since the age of 8 and had been taking them for much of his life, even when he was earning recognition for his acting in movies like Chaplin for which he received an Academy Award nomination. Downey was arrested multiple times for the use of cocaine, heroin and marijuana during the course of his life, and it seemed he'd never recover until he began attending rehab, becoming drug free since 2003. When the 2000's came and he began to star in more and more roles such as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Zodiac. He's been since nominated for an Academy Award once more for his work in Tropic Thunder.

Nichole Richie

Once known as the wild party girl and best friend of Paris Hilton, she was not particularly well respected at the time and was even caught using heroin. But she has since abandoned her friendship with Paris Hilton and ditched her partying ways, becoming a grown up once and for all. She has since gotten married and has been working as a fashion designer and philanthropist.

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo served time in jail and prison multiple times throughout the 60's for his drug addiction and armed robbery. He later attended rehab trying to turn his life around and through a friend of his at a Cocaine Anonymous meeting, he became an extra in his first on-screen role in Runaway Train. Since then he has become a recognizable character actor, often playing a convict. In 2010 he got a starring role in the film, Machete. He now serves as a positive role model to troubled kids everywhere.


Oprah has one of the greatest success stories of them all. She's one of the richest women in the world and is known for her highly successful talk show and her work as an actress and author. But before that she was involved with a boyfriend who introduced her to cocaine, though she doesn't feel she was addicted to cocaine as she stopped using it after the relationship ended. After admitting her use of cocaine, it has only further strengthened her success story.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is one of Hollywood's most recognizable stars, having starred in many of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. Currently he has a recurring role in Marvel's Avengersfilms alongside Robert Downey Jr., but his big break came in 1993 with the film Pulp Fiction for which he was nominated for an Academy Award. Before that success, Samuel L. Jackson was a drug addict, overdosing on heroin multiple times and then switching to cocaine. Then he went to rehab and once ready to shoot again, he became the star we all know and love.

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