8 Ways To Keep Up Your Fitness While On Vacation

When heading out on vacation, you want a break from your regular routine. However, if you spend all your time relaxing, you may find it easy to pack on a few pounds while you're away. Staying fit while you're on vacation doesn't have to be tough. You may even find that keeping up your fitness is even more fun when you're enjoying your vacation. Use these helpful tips to stay strong and fit while keeping extra pounds at bay.

1 - Sightsee on a Guided Bike Ride, Walk, or Run

Instead of sightseeing from a rental car or a bus, consider sightseeing on a guided bike ride, walk, or run. Visit City Running Tours to find guided tours for runners, which are available in many cities. If you're headed to a major city, such as Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, or New York City, Bike and Roll offers bike rentals and fun daytime and nighttime tours. Many cities also offer guided walking tours free or for a low cost.

2 - Bring Some Exercise Equipment

Even if you booked a hotel that has a gym, there's a good chance you won't actually end up at the gym while you're on vacation. If you bring your own exercise equipment, you won't need to waste vacation time at the gym and you'll be able to exercise anywhere. Consider taking elastic exercise bands or suspension trainers for a lightweight, easy way to work out on the go.

3 - Head to the Hotel Swimming Pool

Did you book a hotel with a swimming pool? If so, head to the pool to get a great workout. Spend some time swimming laps instead of lounging in the sun. Swimming offers a great full body workout and you'll have fun while you're burning calories.

4 - Take a Pedometer with You

Basic pedometers are inexpensive and they can help you track the number of steps you take while you're on vacation. Aim to take at least 10,000 steps per day, which will keep you focused on staying active. You can also find apps for your smartphone that will track your steps or your distance walked as see the local sights.

5 - Shop at a Farmer's Market

If you want to keep up your fitness level while on vacation, you also need to eat right. While it's fine to splurge and enjoy some delicious favorites, try to make sure you're eating healthy at least 75% of the time. If you have a kitchen where you can cook, try shopping at local farmer's markets. You'll find delicious, fresh ingredients that will make healthy meals, and you'll also enjoy exploring the local area as you shop.

6 - Pack Some Healthy Snacks

When you're on vacation, it's easy to grab unhealthy snacks when you're feeling hungry. If you pack some healthy snacks that offer a protein boost, you won't be as likely to reach for something unhealthy at a local convenience store. Packing your own snacks will also keep you energized so you don't overeat at mealtime.

7 - Rent Sporting Equipment

Find active ways to explore your vacation spot. Great activities to try include surfing, kayaking, rock climbing, or kayaking. These challenging activities will give you a good workout, and it's easy to rent the sporting equipment you'll need. Some of these activities come with helpful lessons, which will help you improve your skills as well.

8 - Spend Time Walking on Layovers

No one loves spending time in an airport during layovers. However, you can use those layovers to get some exercise. Instead of sitting down and waiting impatiently for your plane, spend time walking through the airport. Many airports offer museums and art exhibits, which you can enjoy as you're walking.

If you take the time to plan ways to stay fit, you'll find it easy and fun to stay active on vacation. This means you won't have a bad surprise when you hop on the scale once your vacation is over.

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