5 Violent Video Games That Are Still Suitable For Children

The subject of violent video games is controversial to say the least. In particular, the effect of violent video games has on young children is frequently debated. Some say that games like Grand Theft Auto V are desensitizing children to violence and turning them into homicidal maniacs who cannot discern between reality and virtual worlds. While that may very well be the case in some circumstances, the fact is there is not yet enough evidence to determine whether games like Grand Theft Auto V are actually turning your children into the aggressive monsters. But considering for a moment there is some truth as to the effects of violent video games on young minds, here are 5 violent video games still suitable for children regardless.

The Halo franchise has been around for nearly a decade and a half now and each of the installments have been enjoyed by children and adults alike. And except for a few moments of coarse language every now and then, the games are quite suitable for children to play. Violence in Halo is only inflicted upon monstrous alien as opposed to humans. Aliens are not conflicted about killing humans or vice versa. With good and evil so clearly defined in the Halo,children can more easily discern the virtual world in Halo from their own reality.

Final Fantasy the turn-based combat roleplaying game also involves killing monsters, spirits and other evil beings in a fantastical environment not easily confused with our world. Blood and gore in these games is kept to a bare minimum and sometimes non-existent. Bodies even disappear once the monsters are killed. Further profanity is minimal and there is virtually no sex or nudity present in the games as there is with many games these days. The Final Fantasy franchise has been on the market since 1987, with Final Fantasy XV coming out this year, so you could say it's a pretty trustworthy brand.

The Elder Scrolls games, particularly The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a roleplaying game all about choices. And while you can certainly kill humans in the game, it doesn't necessarily encourage it. In Skyrim the objective isto defeat dragons. Any humans killed in the game are the choice of the player. Therefore, you can go through the entire game without taking a single virtual person's life, in fact you are often rewarded for not taking lives. Unlike Grand Theft Auto, murdering innocents in Skyrim comes at a cost you can get thrown in jail, or attacked by guards and killed for committing crimes. If anything, Skyrim teaches children that crime doesn't pay.

Games in the Batman: Arkham franchise like Batman: Arkham City are good forchildren who already love watching Batman on tv or in movies. Like in television and movies, Batman doesn't encourage fatal violence. Despite his internal conflict, Batman is an uncompromising role model who only hunts down criminals with the intention of putting them in jail. Batman never kills people no matter what they do to him. So if you let your kids watch batman on television, there's little reason not to let them become him in a video game.

Last but not least, The Legend of Zelda series has long been appropriate for kids since it first came out in 1987. With a mixture of fantasy action and adventure, as well as puzzle solving, the Legend of Zelda encourages children to think and explore every bit as much as it encourages them to battle vicious monsters as Link, a noble hero, fights to save the princess Zelda. Living out a classic fantasy tale like this, that children will read about regardless, there's little harm to be found in The Legend of Zelda.

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