5 Purist Problems With Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy

Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is one of the most well-renowned comic book films of all time. The influence it has had on not just comic book films, but all blockbusters is remarkable. With a stellar ensemble cast, top notch special effects, great script and pulse-pounding action, Nolan's Batman trilogy has a ton to offer film fans and many comic book fans. Comprised of the films Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan's film trilogy is undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser. Nevertheless, it still has a lot to answer for, particularly for Batman purists who found plenty of things to be upset about with Nolan's trilogy. With that said, here are the top 5 Purist Problems with Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy.

Rachel Dawes was a central figure in Nolan's Batman trilogy, as the love interest of Bruce Wayne. Causing much longing, heartache and grief for Bruce Wayne, she was the primary cause of the film trilogy's melodrama. But moreover, she's also one of the trilogy's biggest problems. She's easily the weakest character in the first two films, particularly when played by Katie Holmes and she never seems to make us care: about her or if Bruce Wayne even ends up with her. And did you know, she isn't even in the comic books? That's right. One of the most central characters in Nolan's Batman trilogy is completely made up. Why Nolan couldn't they have picked one of Bruce Wayne's many love interests from the comic books? The world will never know.

A central character to the Batman comics, love him or hate him, is Robin. Batman's sidekick might not be beloved by all, but comic book purists know how important he is to the story. In Nolan's film trilogy, Robin doesn't show up until the third film, The Dark Knight Rises, in which his role is reduced to a character called Robin John Blake, a beat cop. On top of that, the name "Robin" is only mentioned in a throwaway line at the film's climax. And by the time the film closes, you get the sense Robin will become Batman, not "Robin the Boy Wonder."

Another issue most Batman purists have with Nolan's Batman, is the lack of detective work. Batman is supposed to be one of the greatest detective literature has ever seen. But Nolan's Batman doesn't seem to possess any detective skills. In the film trilogy, Batman depends more on technology and intimidation to solve crimes rather than intuition and problem-solving.

Many Batman purists also take issue with the film trilogy's vehicles. Looking more like futuristic military vehicles than Bat-themed means of transportation, the Tumbler and the Bat were unattractive and bulky. While some liked the realistic look of these vehicles, ultimately they were totally uncool and left much to be desired.

Of course the biggest problem with Nolan's Batman trilogy is the films end. Not even necessarily the implausibility of Batman's escape from the atomic bomb he plummeted in the ocean, but the fact that Batman quits. What the heck? One thing that was always clear to Batman comic book fans was that Batman's job was never done. Yet at the end of Nolan's trilogy, Bruce Wayne throws away his cowl and abandons his city to sip wine in Italy. Though he could have used all his money resources to help others, even if he wasn't Batman anymore, he decides to retire in his 30's.

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