A 401k is an important retirement investment tool for most workers. It allows the worker to take money from every paycheck and invest it. No taxes are paid on this money and the intent is for it to grow over the years until the worker is ready for retirement. 401k rollover funds is money that the worker wants to transfer to another type of 401k or IRA account. This most commonly happens when the worker leaves one job for another. Sometimes, the worker can leave the 401k with the previous employer, but most prefer to rollover the funds. Direct rollover is the best route because the money is sent from the old 401k to the new one, or to an IRA without the worker ever touching the money. This way there is no mandatory withholding of any of the money. Continue reading to find out about three advisors who can assist with 401k rollover funds.

TD Ameritrade has been educating customers about finances and providing services to help them meet their goals for over 40 years. They offer fair pricing with no hidden fees or complex structure. They have retirement consultants to help workers rollover 401k and decide the best avenue for their money, which could be a maintenance fee free TD Ameritrade IRA. TD Ameritrade consultants helps customers from beginning to end by reviewing financial goals, explaining all rollover options, and finding low cost investment choices. The consultants utilize a tool to analyze 401k fees to show customers the fees their current 401k incurs to see if a rollover is the right choice. TD Ameritrade offers everything from automatic investment to a more hands on portfolio management by the customer.

Ameriprise has been rated #1 by their customers for customer service, customer loyalty, and most trusted. They believe in helping customers with all investments needs over their lifetime, not just right now. Their advisors guide customers in all areas of finances to create a holistic financial planning package. Ameriprise is confident they provide the education to help customers select the best retirement plan. For customers considering rolling over funds, the advisors discuss all the risks and benefits of keeping the 401k in the existing plan, rolling it over to a new 401k, or moving it to an IRA. Along with the Ameriprise advisor, the customer is equipped to make the best decision for the current situation.

Charles Schwab considers themselves a modern way to invest because they believe that the customer should take control of and be educated about investing. Fortune considers them one of the top 50 most admired companies and they've been ranked #1 for innovation and social responsibility, among other things. Charles Schwab believes customers should consider rolling over a 401k because it may lower administrative costs and simplify the customer's financial situation. A rollover plan may allow the customer to have investment options that are better suited to the current financial situation. It is a educated way to continue to investment money for retirement and avoid unnecessary fees. Charles Schwab provides support 24 hours, 7 days a week.