10 Reasons Why Employees Need Real Breaks

When you work at a job that requires long hours and possibly standing for extended periods of time, then it's important to have regular breaks. Employees need these breaks for many reasons, which is why employers are required by laws to give their workers breathers. Some employers try to crack down and minimize the chances for their workers to stand back and catch their breath, but everyone wins when employees feel positive and refreshed rather than ragged and stressed. Here we'll go over 10 of the best reasons why employees need real breaks no matter where they work.

1. To stretch their legs

Desk-bound cubicle employees need to get up regularly to stretch out and get their blood flowing. Several studies recommend getting up and moving around as frequently as once every 30 minutes. Sitting for too long isn't just bad for the brain, but excessive sitting has recently been linked with various health issues.

2. To have a real meal

Employees need to have enough time during their workdays to eat a quality meal without being rushed. It doesn't help productivity to have a rumbling tummy.

3. For quick snacks

Some people can’t make it through an eight-hour shift (or longer) on one meal alone. Everyone is different, and some people simply need more food. This is especially true for healthcare workers like nurses who work longer shifts than just regular eight-hour days.

4. To see the sun or night sky

Working in a windowless area such as a department store or factory can be quite depressing. Let your employees go outside for a break to breathe fresh air, and get a bit of Vitamin D if it’s a sunny day.

5. To make a phone call

Employees typically aren't allowed to make personal calls when they can easily be seen by customers. Sometimes employees need to check in at home, especially if they have children. Or, they may simply need to make an important call that can't wait.

6. To rest their feet

Employees who need to be on their feet for long periods of time may need extra opportunities to just sit for a few minutes. This is especially true with newer employees who haven't yet acclimated to their jobs.

7. Mental health moments

High-stress jobs can be quite damaging to a person’s mental health. People should be able to step away when appropriate if that's what it takes to get their heads back in the game.

8. For socialization

People like to chat. They especially like to chat with their co-works since it fosters a positive group mentality. Let them have their breaks to do that.

9. Doctor’s Appointments

Some of these can actually be done during a lunch hour. So it’s important to allow your employees this leeway on occasion.

10. Just to get through the day

People aren’t robots. They need a chance to unplug from their jobs for a second to regroup and work again to maximize their productivity.

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