10 Best Jobs After Retirement

Retirement is supposed to be a reward for decades of hard work. Today, retirement is still a reward, but many people continue to work after retiring from their careers in order to support themselves. That said, retirees often seek different types of jobs than they might have during their younger years. Here are 10 jobs that are perfect after retirement.

10. Part-Time Nurse

The medical field constantly has positions open. Nurses are in short supply and in high demand many places. You do not have to worry about long, stressful hours. A home health nurse is perfect for retired individuals. These nurses work in shifts to ensure every hour of the day is covered. Luckily, part-time nurse hours are flexible and you only work two to three days per week.

9. Patient Advocate

Patient advocates are popular jobs for retirees because the job does not require a medical degree. Patient advocates care for individuals who are disabled or elderly. Retired individuals who have backgrounds in nursing do not need to attend one-year training programs before getting started. People who do not have nursing backgrounds are required to attend these programs, but then they can start working.

8. Tax Preparer

A tax preparer is the perfect job for a retired accountant. Retirees who have a way with numbers and are not afraid of forms and paperwork are ideal for this position. This job does not require people to be or become a CPA (certified public accountant).

7. Temp Jobs

Temporary office jobs are not as glamorous or popular as other jobs, but they can help make ends meet. One of the perks of a temp job is being able to stay home with the right kind of position. Also, because these positions are temporary, they often come with less stress and responsibility than standard employment positions. Do a good job, though, and temp jobs can easily lead to more regular hours.

6. Retail Jobs

When people think of retail jobs, they think about people in their teens and early 20s. Retail jobs are great for retired individuals. A lot of retail jobs look for older sales people because they are reliable. If you frequently shop at a store and decide to work there, you have the advantage of knowing the layout of the store and helping people find the items they need.

5. Invest in Your Crafts

Many people enjoy handmade items, such as sweaters, hats and booties. If you enjoy sewing, turn your creations into profit by selling your sewn items. People appreciate creativity more than store-bought items. If you create things from wood or something similar, people are willing to purchase your craft projects at a reasonable price.

4. Tutoring

Regardless of the subject, there is a great chance you have extensive knowledge about something that can help someone else. You are not required to be a math, science, history or language professional to be a tutor. Although your experience and credentials would help if you were a professional in the education field, anyone with extensive knowledge of a particular subject or topic has the potential to be an awesome tutor.

3. Government Worker

People who are interested in finding work after retirement do not flock to many government jobs, but they are an option. There are many government positions with full or part-time hours. Also, many of these openings are desk jobs, and even many outdoor jobs aren't physically demanding.

2. Repair/Handy Person

If you have a love for your tool kit and fixing things, becoming a repair person may be your ideal job after retirement. You may specialize in home remodeling, repairs, plumbing, landscaping or even electrical work. This is a field that will never go out of style; someday, today's young people may retire and become computer technicians or network administrators.

1. Non-Profit Consulting

Non-profit consulting is a great way to broaden your horizons after retirement. Non-profit consulters have the privilege of setting their work hours, engaging with many clients and learning different personal skills. Non-profit corporations don't pay much, but retirees often don't need a big paycheck to meet their financial goals.

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